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Is the Skoona hadros lux strat still viable in 2.7?

With 2.7 comes a buff and a moveset change for skoona, so I was wondering if the strat is still viabe. I tried it but we lost our thor instantily, but the minion went group ferocity, and then defense shattering impact, but I think if the moves of the minnions changed we would have won. So is the skoona, thor, tryo, and toura strat still viable in 2.7?

It is still viable (I know because I just did it with my alliance)

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Here’s the strat updated


Wow that is a long strat! 14 moves with counter-attacks on a lot of hits.

I can see it still being usable, but I think it’ll make Gorgo a bit easier, as well as Refrantam and Haast

Used her this morning and it still works perfectly well.

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thanks everyone. I wasnt quite sure but this helps out a lot.

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