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Is the spawn rate for Alberto really low today?

Have driven for 40 mins today, and only saw one. It was a lot easier to see one yesterday.

Please raise the spawn rate again. It’s the week of Alberto, not just Monday of Alberto.


I’ve been out over the evening with a giga scent and I’ve not seen many Albert’s out and about. Random luck though I guess.

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Yea, I feel that to!

I got 3 from a rare scent and saw another. I haven’t hunter yet today but they seem to be common

Saw three last night, haven’t seen any today

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Probably just you. I saw 4 today. I’ve gone out and about.

10 char.

i was just coming to the forum to make this same post.

today/tonight i saw a fraction of the amount that i found yesterday.

it seemed that the daily spawn of the rare deer over took the alberto pursuit.

i saw almost the same amount of Darwin as i did Alberto.

Come on, this thing is exclusive and out for 1 week and then who knows when we will see it again. Flood the map with it. If we put in the time and grind for it, let us get it. I was very disappointed tonight.

I came home from work and when we were eating dinner my fiance said she was excited to go out and get more Alberto tonight. I told her that I was too. It’s nice to actually have a nice cool and good DINOSAUR to go shoot again. For my girl to actually be excited too was a big plus for me as well.

I guess when this exclusive bird pursuit comes out you have to hunt like mad on day 1 and have trash the rest of the wekk.


Mines level 24, I have been seeing it constantly. Given I have been grinding like crazy for this guy for its superiority in rare advantage, but I don’t have a problem for the most part.

I find a lot in dense neighborhoods and cities, especially parks if that helps at all. However raising the spawn rate anymore might dilute the spawn pool too much in my opinion.


mine is almost 17. i did got it to level 16 with 100 dna into it all yesterday. today i didn’t even make it to 17.

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I think this will be the last day for Albert but I got enough DNA to take it to team level 20 or 21 and will be a good add for tournaments with rare creatures in them. These are like baby Thors.


I’ll be making a team with Albertosauruas, Allosinosaurus, Thoradosaurus, Utasinoraptor, Utarinex, Paramoloch, Stegoceras and Stygimoloch. They all have an instant on the second move. I’ll just level Albert and Stego up when I’m ready.

I managed to get Albert to 14th level over the week. She spawned quite heavily the first two days but spawns dropped off as the week went along which was a shame.

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My bort is 13 after the pursuit

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I have mines at level 20 and she’s honestly more of a nuisance in the Epic/Rare all-creatures tournaments than a visual threat.

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