Is the special objective in this mission bugged?

anyone knows why entelochops doesnt count for the special objective of this mission?

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i tried with other creatures, but seems like this one is the only one i can clear the special objective, but it doesnt work for some reason, anyone knows why?

It has to be pure fierce, mixed classes don’t work.

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i see, thanks!

Yeah, and even then it’s going to be really hard unless you use a boosted creature. I tried it with Allo Gen 2, Indom Gen 2, Acro and Gorgosuchus but never managed to win, and they are at the highest level possible for the battle, but no matter what you choose, Erlik will finish you off.
I still need to try with Alberto but I don’t think it’ll get me any further.

yeah didnt found a way yet either

im trying with entelodon rn, if it crits might get to erlik at decent health

yep, worked with entelodon, but u need 1 crit (30% chance), just go GSI - MF - DSS - GSI

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Aye, Entelo works! Thanks.

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Alberto works.