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Is the struggle of Season 2 really this bad?


Just how bad is the fighting at the upper levels of the tournament? I’m basically stuck right between getting kicked back and forth between Sorna Marshes and Lockdown, often getting paired with players 1-4 levels above me, with teams that are average level 17/18+.

I’m level 11 myself, with team levels between 13-15. So I guess I’m asking if I’m just getting puppy kicked by higher level players trying to climb back up the ladder from the 4500 trophy count reset, or is this the normal Marsh wall of players?

It really sucks having to spend almost twenty minutes worth of fighting to get a single incubator.


Let’s just say, 4600-4900 have such incredible teams filled with uniques and high level legendaries.


I know. Myself, I’m right at that level where I’ve finally managed to get everything I need for Stegodeus, and I’m on the verge of 3-4 more Legendaries.

The last hour, though…

Let’s just say that my team is not equipped to handle 2-4 Legendaries, often times leveled up a couple of times already, when I MAYBE get my 1, if the game’s utterly craptastic team randomizer feels like coughing it up.


it’s dreadful. tap the screen is pray. every fight opens stegodeus vs stegodeus. then it’s monomimus, indoraptor and IREX vs monominus, indoraptor and IREX. RNG dice rolls every turn for each player. just a bunch of random nonsense.

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I was reset to like 47xx at the start. I had to claw my way back to where I was in the standings before, but now that I have, it’s basically the same.


This is how a 4900 5100 points team look like apparently, for a strange reason i get outclassed or out rng by a lot of guys and cant stay in top 50 anymore xd


I know I just went from 4567 to 4250, I lost like 20 battles or something like that. It’s total bs!! I should of never lost to half those ppl and the other half of them had a bunch of uniques, talk about ridiculous!!!


I noticed a unique infestation nowadays, or people was saving the dna for months and now they create they, or there is spoofers again. I grind the whole day, like my work is driving all day meanwhile i play the game and i dont even near of create most of the uniques, l3 zone dont helped me a lot too, but anyway random guys who nobody know whit teams of 4,5 uniques everywhere xd


First official full day back into the arena and pretty sure the only reason I won anything was that my dinos are about 3-5 levels higher than my opponents’. The game keeps picking all the non-nullify and non-SS dinos as well as my slowest dinos in the mix. So, this continues I will end up plummeting again once I face opponents with similar level dinos. Pretty sure the only reason I survived those Monomimus and IRex whose cloak and dodge worked every time for my opponent is due to my dinos having enough hp to take the hits


In the first meta there was a bot fight after you lost against human players about three times. This would be nice right now. With millions of players worldwide and a good part of them being paying customers there should be a way for more than just the best of the best to enjoy the battling part of the game. I mostly battle for incubators. It’s no fun if you lose too often. Especially if you consider how big a part RNG actually plays.


I can relate to saving dna, that’s probably the main reason for the Unique boom. I sat on 3k Anky dna for about 2 months. The Raja event allowed me to create Dio, and that allowed me to start dumping dna into my other unfinished Uniques.