Is the Titanoboa update complete?

I love the fact that they added more hybrids for all the demos, but they forgot Kelenken. They should add the Carnenken, a Carnotaurus and Kelenken hybrid, with epic rarity. It should have shielded rending counter, a rending attack that grants 50% shields whenever the creature survive a physical encounter. It should also have evasive strike, like the Smilodon, and cleansing rampage. Give it immunity to speed decrease and immunity to distraction. Maybe it could also have a move called short evasion, a move that grants evasion for 1 move, 75% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage. It should have a bird like body, like the Kelenken, with two bull horns just as the Carnotaurus, and short feathered arms with three short clawed fingers. The legs will be thicker than the Kelenken’s, like a theropod’s, and have a long tail. Give it back armour like the Carnotaurus, and 5% armour. The head should be beaked, but the beak should be covered in scales, and have small saw like teeth.

There should also be a Superhybrid of this, called the Carnenkajadasaurus. It is a Carnenken, Bajadasaurus Superhybrid that has a similar build to the Carnenken, but with upwards pointing horns, and long dorsal spines like the Bajadasaurus, running along the neck in particular. The rest is basically the same. It should have the moves Evasive strike, Cleansing Devastation, and Regenerate and Evade. Cleansing devastation is devastation (x3 damage) and cleanses, and Regenerate and evade is regenerate (50% max hp) and evasion 75% for 1 turn. Give it immunity to DoT, Swap prevention, and Shielded rending counter.

Maybe they could have an Entelodon and Kentrosaurus hybrid called Kentrelodon, meaning complete spike. It would have short spikes running along the back, and two small shoulder spikes. It has no beak, or claws, but it does have scales. Give it regeneration, decelerating strike, mutual fury, and Defense shattering counter. It would be Legendary rarity.

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More hybrids will be added in future updates. There’s a long waiting list.

Cool ideas! Can’t wait to see what Ludia comes up with.


Oh, and there is the Titamoth. It is a Mammoth and Titanoboa mix, so it has a snake like body with large tusks, and maybe a scaly trunk with hidden fangs underneath. Make it have persistent ferocious strike, venomous bellow, and precise impact, then Venomous counter, and On Escape Rampage. Venomous bellow has no priority, but it still gives 50% shields and reduces target speed by 50%, but also deals 0.25 of targets max HP as DoT for 2 turns. Don’t give the Titamoth fur, please, and give it high health low damage. The Titamoth can have a super hybrid maybe. Maybe it can have immunity to distraction.
It can be called Titamodon, and it is made from Smilodon and Titamoth. It should have large fangs from the Smilodon, but still have smaller hidden fangs that retract behind the trunk. It should have fur, and small ears. The body can have camouflage patterns on it. Give it persistent ferocious strike, precise pounce, and venomous prowl, as well as On escape Rampage and Venomous Counter. Venomous prowl will cleanse, give 75% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage, increase critical chance by 50%, and deal 25% of targets max HP for 2 turns. Give it high damage and low HP. Give it smaller tusks, situated farther back, protruding from the side tufts of fur that come from the Smilodon part. Please, I love this idea. I think it is my best one ever, and it represents the three major unique Cenozoics from Jurassic world the game, and it would also represent the three most iconic cenozoics from Jurassic world alive. Also, I personally don’t like either of the Titanoboa hybrids added originally. Especially the Spinoconstrictor, although both names are great. Maybe it can have immunity to distraction.

The fact for Titamoth can be something like, “Although it may not appear deadly, the Titamoth has retractable fangs hidden behind the trunk, and can spit venom up to 55 feet!” And maybe the Titamodon fact can be “Contrary to its appearance, the Titamodon has two sets of fangs. A larger set for gripping prey, inherited from the Smilodon, and another retractable pair that inject a deadly Neurotoxin. The two tusks are used more for defense, digging, and display.”

I was also thinking about all of the Pachyderm hybrids, and how Mammoth has 2, Elasmotherium has 2, but Brontothrium has only 1. So why not a Dilophotherium, it shall be a small, bipedal carnivore mix of Brontotherium and Dilophosaurus. The two crests should join up with the horns on the front, and the head should be very rhino like but smaller, and with teeth meant for eating meat. The feet should be thicker, with more blunt looking claws, but they should still look like they can run fast. The hands should have more fingers, and have shorter fingers with blunt, short claws. The body should be scaly, with a strong torso and neck. Give it a long tail for balance. Give it a mix of moves from both progenitors, but please not defensive stance, cause that sucks a lot. Give it 5% armour. It should be epic.

The Superhybrid should be something like a Majungasaurus and Dilophotherium hybrid. It can have the same head, but more theropod like, with smaller arms but sharper finger claws. The feet will be more theropod like, and the tail will be thick and shorter. A small set of spikes runnningalong the neck would be nice, looking similar those of the Majungasaurus from Jurassic World the Game. Give it 10% armour. Make it Legendary. Maybe call it Majungalophotherium. Again, just mix the moves from the progenitors.

Oh. I had another revelation. What about a Diplocaulus gen 2 and Mammoth hybrid. Or maybe they need to add a Mammoth gen 2, or Mastodon. Yes, a Mammoth Gen 2. It can be Mammocaulus, or Diplocauloth. The base should be the Diplocaulus gen 2, but with tusks, no trunk though. The tusks can be protrusions coming from the sides of the mouth. The head should be taller, like an elephant head. The feet should look like pachyderm feet. You guys decide the moves. Make the Mammoth gen 2 a rare, and this hybrid an epic. It can be red with some browns, and maybe some fur that is very dark brown like mud, supposedly helping it hide in the murky waters and borrow under the mud for ambushing prey. The fact can be along the lines of “This hybrids uses its tusks for burrowing, hiding in the sand and mud until prey appears. Then it uses the tusks like weapons, swinging them from side to side, immobilizing prey.
If it has a superhybrid, which I actuallly don’t want for once, it should be with Ankylosaurus gen 2. It can be called Ankauloth. It should have armour, along with four spikes behind the eyes, like most ankylosaurs do. The tusks should be the same. Make it legendary. Its fact should be “the armour on this gen 2 superhybrid allows it to blend in to a more rocky environment than its Diplocauloth progenitor.” Give it 30% armour, then just give it whatever moves.

Mammocaulus sounds like what someone might imagine Mastodonsaurus would look like.

Oh yeah. I knew there was something not quite right about it.

Mastodonsaurus is really an amphibian, though, and not a hybrid. Plus, I think I’ll use Diplocauloth

I also had an idea for a Nodonemys. It combines Nodosaurus with Carbonemys. The creature will be turtle, mainly. The shell will be covered with large, stone like spikes from the Nodosaurus. The face will have some spikes around the edges, behind the eyes. The moves will be Superior vulnerability, Dig. In, Decelerating impact, and Short defense. Armour should be 50%, damage high, health low, critical chance 10%, and a speed of 109, It will be a Legendary.
It should have a Superhybrid combining Nodonemys and Bajadasaurus, called Bajadonemys. It will have a longer neck, and wider shell. The shell will still be covered in spikes, but with Bajadasaurus spines protruding from the tops, everywhere. The shell should look like the back of a porcupine’s. The head should not have any spikes, but the face should be elongated like that of Bajadasaurus. Give it 60% armour, 10% critical chance and a speed of 103. The moves should be Superior vulnerability, Decelerating impact, Dig in, Devastation, Swap in Heal, and Immune to DoT.

Maybe there can be an Erlikrhacos. It is an Erlikosaurus and Phorusrhacos hybrid. It has a long tail, with a feather covered back, making it look like a cloak covers it. It has a small head, with a beak meant for snapping up small rodents. It has long claws, like any Therizinosaur. The neck is thicker. The legs are powerful, with fur like feathers. The moves should include Evasive stance, Minimal speed up strike, impact and run, and raking claws. The colouring is brown like Erlikosaurus, with patterns on the ends. It should have 5% critical chance, 0% armour, and 129 speed. High damage low health. There can also be a Darlikosaurus. It means Darwin/Erlik’s lizard It is a Darwinopterus and Erlikosaurus gen 2 hybrid. The tail is thick, with a diamond rudder on the end, and the back is covered in feathers like Erlikosaurus. The wings are composed of four long claws, one of which will be more elongated and create an attachment for the wing membrane. The head will be finch like, with a crest on top. It will have a long neck like Quetzalcoatlus or Alanqa, and when you look at it, it should resemble Koolabourgiania in the sense that it has a long neck and short snout/beak. The legs are powerful, with larger feet than normal. Do whatever with the stats and move, though preferably minimal speed up strike, please.

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I had this idea for an Ankylocodon hybrid, called Carnokylocodon. It means fused carnivorous tooth. It has Ankylocodon features like the armour and the face, excerpt it has two horns, and a shorter, taller face.

There could be a Koolenken, a Koolasuchus gen 2 and Kelenken hybrid. It shares similarities with Koolabourgiania, such as the neck and head. The neck is long but the head is small and beakless, with a toothed snout. The feet are four toed, and the toes are small, short, not clawed, and webbed. The body should be like a seabird’s, with smooth feathers, scaly feet. The arms should have four fingers, with no extra feathers except the smooth ones. The tail should be small but more amphibian like, with smooth feathers and no display feathers. Make it epic. I don’t care what the moves are.

Add a Synthetoceras, so we can have another deer thingy. We can also have Eucladoceros and Gastornis. Then there can be a Eucladornis, a Eucladoceros and Gastornis hybrid. Eucladoceros should be Epic, Synthetoceras should be Common, and Gastornis should be Rare. The Eucladornis should be Legendary. It has two antlers on the bird head, and the tail should be deer like. The Synthetoceras can have a hybrid with Titanoboa gen 2, and the Synthetoboa should have the horns of Synthetoceras but a snake body. It should be Epic.

There should also be a Pakicetus and Potammotherium, which spawn near canals and water areas, so maybe aquariums too. The Pakicetus should be rare, and the Potammotherium should be Legendary. They should both have regenerative abilities, but not Dig In please. Potammotherium should have evasive abilities like Evasive strike maybe, and swap in dodge. Pakicetus should have Shielded decelerating strike, and maybe stunning sonar. This move should have a 75% chance to stun opponent and deal x1 damage, as well as remove cloak, dodge, and evasive abilities, as well as the next attack. Potammotherium should have distracting rampage.
So just to recap, Potammotherium has 20% crit chance, 0% armour, and a speed of 128, as well as the moves Evasive strike, Distracting rampage, and Definite impact, plus Swap in Dodge.

Pakicetus has 15% armour, Shielded decelerating strike, devastastion, vulnerability impact, and Dig in. It has a speed of 106, crit chance of 5%.

I had this dream the other night about a Legendary Dilophosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus hybrid called Quetzalophosaurus, and it was like Quetzalcoatlus but with two Dilophosaurus crests plus the one on top of the eyes. It then had a hybrid with Carnotaurus to create the Quetzalophotaur. This was like Quetzalophosaurus but with horns, and the head was shorter and had no beak, just a snout, kind of like the Koolabourgiania. It had the three crests though. This one was Unique. The Quetzalophosaurus was camo green with browns, and the crests were red. The Quetzalophotaur was brown with some greens, and the crests were more yellow.

Maybe there can be a Tupandactylus and Irritator hybrid called Tupanditator. It has the signature head long ridge of the Irritator, but it is elevated, and the back of the skull holds a lower support rod for the sail. The sail itself would hang from the elevated crest and connect to the lower sail support rod. The head is elongated like the head of a Spinosaur, and is not beaked. The crest starts at the front of the snout all the way down. The crest will be orange. The rest of the body will be black with hints of green. It has Irritator blue eyes and white claws. This will be Epic.

There can be a superhybrid for this idea, with Dimetrodon gen 2. The head is longer, like a Spinosaur head. The crest of the Irritator is the same, heightened and elongated, but even longer, going all the way to the beginning of the tail. It is thin though, and is light weight. This crest supports the rest of the sail, which is very feeble and flimsy. The crest is bright red, and the crest and the rest of the body is black, with Irritator blue eyes. Thee claws are white. This will be Legendary.

Have you ever considered drawing your ideas? That would probably garner more attention. There’s an artwork thread too.

You make too much sense for Ludia.