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Is there a bug with Dr. Vile and Nicholas?

After the new matches release I’ve been waiting for the four days countdown of the vip thing to match with them but its been a while already and their profiles won’t show up no matter how many profiles I swipe. They are still on that “see who likes you” tab and the countdown is still going there (Dr. Vile’s countdown is definitely glitched, as you can see on the print).
At first I thought that these new matches would stay vip, but I’ve seen non vip users matching with them, so it came to my mind that it may be a bug.

Don’t quote me on this but even if you see them in the VIP area, their profile should still appear where you swipe left or right. Granted, it may be a bug you have there, I dunno. But I would continue to still swipe until, if you do, you see their profile.
I swiped until I saw Nicholas’ profile then I stopped swiping till his time was up then I swiped right and I matched.

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I see, I usually do this with the seasonal characters, but this time I didn’t even considered doing it bc I thought I wouldn’t have any problems matching with them after the first attempt. :sweat_smile:
I’ll do it if they show up, thank you!! ^^

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