Is there a decent wiki or is there a list or character skill descriptions?

I cant find anything with a basic google search. I just want to see skills that all that characters have.

No sadly there is no wiki. Lots about this game that gets hidden on the back end that we have very little info about… like ability scores, archetype advantage or disadvantage and heroic resistance… the Subreddit is even super ded.

Ok, so i guess i’ll get to the nitty gritty. Whats the current pvp meta?

Really it’s use what you got. If some of your Commons are at higher Proc chances than they may be better than epics or legendaries for you. As you start to get gear maxed out all the sudden a piece that wasn’t worth using before ends up being your best in slot. Some of it is play style choice. In my experience opponents status effects are so debilitating and prevalent that Using restore gear on every toon that has it as an option and especially your toons that taunt is worth having the restore as a counter over any other options in those slots. But it all comes down to play style choices and if you are willing to accept the risk of of how you choose to equip. If your restore gear isn’t leveled up to a point that it reliably clears away status effects than probably not worth it.

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Unfortunately, Ludia prefers to obscure such information. However, there are a few player generated discords which may help with this. A search of the forums should lead to these discords.