Is there a limit in DNA per dart session?

I’ve never heard of this and I’m curious. Yesterday on two seperate occasions while dating an ankylosaurus it just ended my session with 3 seconds left, no words or notification, and both times it stopped me at 240. Just now it stopped me on a raptor with 2 seconds at 420 DNA. Is this a hard limit or just a weird coincidence and glitch?

Yes, there is a limit on MAX DNA in one session.

And I believe you are at level 18? As Level 18 have some weird BUG limit of 240 for Epics. When I was level 17, I was able to hit for more than 250+ DNA few times but at level 18 its 240 max.

I asked this some time ago in forum and got to know that others at level 18 also hit this lower limit and level 19 it will be higher again.

@Ned Can you please check this out? Why level 17 have higher EPIC DNA cap then level 18?


Interesting. Yes, I am at 18. So does the limit increase when I hit 19? I would e been able to hit at least 2 more direct hits had this not happened.

The limit is normally 15x darts perfect hit. So 15 times the max perfect darts. On level 18 its somehow 11.6 something (so 12x darts max) … which is definitely a bug. As level 17 I got higher than that. So I believe at level 19 it will be good again.

Thanks for the info. I didnt know about the limits previously.

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Hey DPG members, thanks for reporting this. Could you reach out to our team here at with more information such as the date and time you were collecting the DNA when that occurred and the dinosaur you were collecting DNA for, so our team can investigate further? Also, including your support key in your email will be really helpful as well. Thanks!