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Is there a list of what monsters are in which dungeons?

I got a quest to kill Stone Orcs (I think) and after only finding a couple right away, I haven’t see any more. (I know to look for the scroll icon under the door symbols). I’ve gone through all of the dungeons I have access to but no luck.

Stone Giants are in Harvestshield and Heartcoil. There are lots of different types of mobs in those dungeons, and the giants seem to appear in groups of 1 or 2 supported by a handful of humanoids, so it may take a while to finish.

I have no idea what a stone orc is.

I checked and it’s Stone Golems I’m supposed to be hunting. I’ll keep looking.

Stone golems should be those same levels he listed. They are either brown or grey, and they basically do two things. They can taunt, and they can do a karate chop type attack where they raise one arm and smash your character on the shoulder.

Stone golems first appear in Heartcoil, so they won’t be in Harvestshield.