Is there a proper players guide?


So I have been playing a couple of days and fully understand capturing dinos and collecting DNA etc. I’m struggling with the battle mode usually my 4 worst dinos are selected and I can’t change them or get out of the battle I have no hope of winning?

I can’t find a players guide anywhere.


The best guide is: go out there and play on a regular basis; catch anything you find and keep on leveling!

At a certain point you’ll reach something like this, where most dinosaurs are equally leveled and you dont really have weak spots in your deck. Always prefer high levels, even commons are very strong if used properly. Afterwards start upgrading to hybrids, rare+. Perhaps certain epics but basic rule = maintain high levels! Easy picks like the allosaurus, velociraptor and einio hybrid are pretty much standard dinosaurs for any deck due to decent overall stats. For a month it’ll be ‘bad’ but once you get decent levels going it’ll become much more enjoyable and you will win fights and also lose fights; but not due to ‘bad’ dinosaurs. Good luck, im finally top 50 hehe! I try to go out every day for at least 2h and collect anything i find. Evening walk, evening bike tour,… Mostly i can obtain multiple rares and even 1 or 2 epics. If you start counting you can already see what direction you’re going if you continue doing this for a month… Thats how i got this team so far. :slight_smile:

Try to always have incubators running and fight for 8h incubators so this one can run while you sleep / work. Don’t forget about the free incubator as well! Then you can try making a team which has versatile skills; damage, utility and tanks. Hopefully the random dino team will have one of all; won’t happen every battle but that’s the challenge!

There are 2 certain regions;
Herbivore region: mostly rural areas. (spawns euoplo, stego, parasaur, einio,…)
Carnivore region: mostly higher populated areas: the city,…(spawns allo, sucho, spino, tachy,…)

Try to find both regions and catch in both region in order to have a balanced team. Good luck! Oh and just so you’re sure: i’ve only bought most (not all) level-up rewards and arena up rewards and i utilise VIP. Not buying any additional incubators unless its a VIP deal! So anyone can obtain this team within a month really. Your biggest issue will be gold probably; thats why i try to buy level-up rewards for their value and additional cash so i can buy gold if needed.

Once everything is +15 you’ll be OK for now. Afterwards it is rather expensive lol. Anyone who doesn’t buy incubators or more cash for gold after this point will slow down and have to go out on a regular basis for gold; its not impossible just requires time. Also do arena battles if you have a full inventory; you can obtain gold if you win instead of an incubator. This, incubators and supply drops are your main income! :slight_smile:


Post here dinos you have and we will help you with advices what dinos to use in battles