Is there a range for points won or lost in battles?

Yesterday I got to enter the Top500 for the first time and I went to sleep with 5114 points. In the morning I played two games, I won one and I lost another and went down to the 5096 score. Now eating I have played two more games, I won one and I lost the other and I have dropped to 5081.
Until now I had the impression that when I won it added more than when I lost (which is logical because otherwise the sum of all the players would be negative and it would be almost impossible to advance) but what happened to me today has left me very perplexed. Winning two battles and losing two I lost 33 points and, of course, I have clearly left the Top500. Is this logical? Is there a table of how many points are won or lost in the battles?

Well I played a game, I lost and I have dropped no more or less than 45 points. After winning two battles and losing three battles (that is, losing a battle) I went from 5114 to 5036.78 points difference. I do not know, it does not seem normal to me but as in so many things I suppose they are the norms and it is necessary to accept them or to erase the game.

By the way, I lost for one of the reasons that give me more anger, which has been asked several times in the forum and has not been able to change. Two battles with two dinos equal (spinotasuchus of 22) and the three hits priority for the rival. For me it is impossible to have the priority in these cases, I never get it. As much as I have my finger prepared and all my attention, I am never first. I imagine the reason is easy, the servers of the game are in America and I imagine that there is a delay, even if it is minimal, and therefore from Europe the answer arrives seconds later, maybe milliseconds, but enough. Before I thought it was my cell phone that was old but now I have a fast and powerful mobile but nothing has changed. I think that in case of a draw it should always be left to chance or, at least, if the difference between both contenders has been very small (for example, 3 seconds).

The points gained/lost depends on if your opponent is higher/lower in trophies than you. Regarding the first move if all else being equal, you have to start tapping on the screen BEFORE the buttons actually appear. Helps to memorize which attack buttons are where for each dino.

Thank you very much for your answer !!

Regarding the first, it is the first time I read it and it is interesting. But, do I win or lose more point if my opponent is “better” or “Worse”? I will try to see the next battles. Anyway, I think the difference in the case that I have mentioned is very “unfair”.

Regarding the second, I already try to do it but in the end, if we both do the same, the first will be decided by the delay of communications between the player makes the move and reaches the central computers. For me it is very clear, that in this case this should be decided by RNG.

I made two new battles

I lost with an opponent that had more or less my same score and I lost 45 points.

I won a rival just a little lower (100 points less) and I won 23 points.

Keep investigating…

Therefore, despite winning almost as many battles as losing (only one battle lost more), I keep going down and down and down and now I have 5017