Is there a reason Ludia doesnt fix up the Arena problem?

So I’ve always wondered once you’ve reached Library, why are you allowed to drop down again to Aviary. Seems once you’ve hit an arena, you should be locked in, only being able to move up. This would prevent players dropping down. And eventually players winning will move on and you wont be facing them anymore. Obviously through playing, your team will improve as well, and you will rise up the arena.
Another solution to players dropping down. Allow a certain number (maybe 2 or 3) of AI battles you’re allowed to do a day. People like myself just want to get our incubators, but we hate losing for 20-30 mins straight. Maybe boost up the AI a tad so it’s not just a gimme
Any reasons why this wont work??
My second account just gets wiped out in aviary by players who obviously have no business being there. This is a problem I know lots of players deal with. Would love a solution

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If someone gets lucky and moves up into the next arena, they will be facing way better dinos than their own with no way to drop out.


Like I mentioned, for a bit maybe. But those people will soon be out of that arena.
Personally I more think the 2 or 3 AI a day option would be best

I understand this must be a very complex situation. I trust Ludia has tried, and had many conversations about the fairness and enjoyment of battling. And I do believe they’ve had this talk within their meetings. Honestly, it is what it is. Ludia has made arenas better than they used to be. Just wondering if a limited AI option would help

Hmm conspiracy theories, it’s a good question that you ask in fairness 1 that I’ve thought about myself , “droppers “as we refer to the players that do it . Will always happen it’s part of the game , if you introduced a point where no 1 could drop any further you would create a “ pinch point” players all of the same trophy count hogging that position, rising players would have to play them & potentially have much lower spec dinos so are more likely to stall & drop back , a bit like traffic signals stuck on red , no 1 moves, I believe your right, it has been discussed but it probably causes more problems then it solves

Nowadays when I see a level 30 matched with me in library, I just close the game, let them play on through the count down and gain the win, I don’t want to waste my time trying something I am not going to win, and honestly don’t care the drop in trophies because I know I am going to be matched with someone way below me MF I can come right back to where I started. Thanks again Ludia for having it broken and not doing anything about it, I am sure many players don’t like PvP anymore.


I’ve started doing the same, it helps in that what I can’t see happening I can’t rage about , I go do something else for a moment then come back to it later,

So i just met this thing in high Aviary, pretty crazy right ??

That resembles the 1 I met, did it have 120 speed & nearly 2500 damage

Ludia’s response probably would be…:

  • Working as intended…

Just like the awesome chase we now have every weekend —> Working as intended :rofl:

Fix your silly game, I lost more than 200 trophies trying to win the daily incubator, I can’t win any battles, because they match me with creatures of level 25 or more when my highest level creature is 22, still in 2 opportunities it did not load the screen.

yes it is a problem, better matchmaking would make it more fun, but boosts are the issue. Literally if I have my 25 indominus rex which has 14 attack boosts and 10 speed boosts, I usually win. It has more attack than a level 30. It is an issue because my lowest leveld dino on my team is 18 and my average is 21 but one 25 gets me to mid aviary.


there is a reason, i cannot tell if it applies to ludia too, tho

derankers are not a problem for mobile games, they are a resource instead.
1 the deranker is likely to be a spender, buying the goods make him better off and the ability to smash lower level players aids the feeling of accomplishment given by buying goods - without the possibility to smash lower level players there are less reasons to buy mobile goods
2 victims of derankers may turn in buyers out of frustration, competition

Sadly is a reality of some games today to rely on negative emotions and spoil them, much like betting

I am just giving a possible reason, i have not played much this game to tell about it