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Is there a roadmap for story updates?

I know they update regularly, but it seems like some matches haven’t gotten any attention. I love this game and trust me I was thrilled when Albert/Jonathon came back (sad now that they are offline again). But it seems like characters like Ryan/Daniel, Dr. Vile, Oliver/Stefan, Julien/William, and Felicia (to name a few) haven’t been updated in ages. I understand that stories and character/environment art take time, but does Ludia have a roadmap for which characters are updated and when vs new characters are added? And if the storyline has been discontinued, is there a way to find that out so that we don’t get too invested in hoping that the character will return?

A few of us regulars here have no clue on what Ludia is planning it’s totally random

I Sometimes think that Ludia themselves don’t even know and that they just put out stories once the writing team has finished working on whatever stories it is they’re working on.

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And then they bring some back for 2-3 days and they grey out again IE Jade/Evelynn