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Is there a way to beat someone that heals

to 100% every turn?

I have four----they have one.

They only have Priest left - he heals to 100% each turn and and attacks the same number of times that I do. Same with Barbarian…

I hate to just give up but unless I can one shot is it basically an auto loss?

Yeah this has been discussed a lot and been complained about to support a lot as well. The best you can do is try to not leave them until last. If you can stun them it helps as well. Otherwise you basically have to hope the numbers roll in your favor to get a big hit or that the priest misses his death ward spell two or three times in a row

Thanks…I was hoping I was missing something

Maybe other people have better strategies, but that is the best I have come up with personally

Take the middle wait between attack and let fire kill them

If you can push him into the fire and keep him there, healing doesn’t matter. Stun works, like Mkb617 said. Injure helps too, and disarm works very nicely against the barbarian

Yeah I wasn’t thinking about disarm. It won’t help against heals but if you disarm the priest at least he can’t get the death ward. He needs to make an attack to get that

There are a lot of items that can one shot the cleric. I recommend building a few characters that can do really good burst damage.

One shot doesn’t help much when they have level 7 death ward, they just whap u and get it again

The fact is priest is a bit broken

He has broken stealth on his side, his heal is very powerful, death ward is too powerful when levelled and it’s a simple matter fir him to survive to 4 vs 1 if he has stealth and or a good taunt. Once he’s 4 vs 1 it’s game over if your been unlucky with the characters you’ve been given

I always avoid killing Halbernet last. However, if he is the last opponent standing I will either disarm or stun him for a turn or more prior to killing him.