Is there a way to change a google play JWA account with a different one?

So I have some Google Play accounts that have JWA progress on them and I want to have a different account replace those ones.

So let’s say Account1 is using a email and I want Account2 to have that email instead, is there a way to change Google Play JWA Accounts with a different account?

Hello Mattylus. Could you email our team at with your current support key included? They will do their best to see what can be done.

Thank you!

I will message the team. Thanks Davy!

I also have another problem, for some reason when I click on cash links on my Big I-Pad (Iirc it’s a I Pad Pro 5) it will just take me to the Ludia page, without saying “Open the link in JWA instead” or just going into JWA itself, it just takes me to the Ludia page and I don’t get my HC, is there a way I can fix this?

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Happy to help, Mattylus! Are you opening the link from the same device that your game is installed on? You may also want to try the link in a different web browser or clearing your browser history/cookies.

Feel free to mention this to our team at if the issue doesn’t go away. They’ll be happy to assist!

Yes. I make sure everything is set up but I still cannot claim cash links for some reason.