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Is there a way to contact Mod who can resolve my issue?


I have had issue with DNA not credited for over two weeks now and in game support and ludia JWA support over email is not responding.

I’d really like my issue resolved.


Mods cant do anything about it. U either have to try in game support chat or try again with or


Which email did u use ? There are 2. Maybe that might make a difference


Thanks, sent email to second id as well.


They’re not going to do anything about it, the cap for uniques is 1000 DNA.


Well if they advertised or game gave me a warning about cap, I’d accept they can’t do anything.


I know man, it sucks. There are lots of things they should do better, but sadly we just have to move on and hope they fix things.
Two weeks ago I evolved my dilopho to lvl 16 just because they can’t have a simple confirmation button.