Is there a way to get legendary packs whit out money?

beacause i want to evovle my trex or get more powerfull dinosaurs

you can buy vip sub from ludia, then you can get every 3rd day a legendary pack mission.

that costs money

The two keys to progress in this Game are Time and Real Money. Invest with one and you don’t need the other


You have to spend money to get cool loot in this game.

There are daily Events, where you have to win 3-5 fights. If you do, you get a price. Sometimes there are legendary packs for prices. But there are other great prices as well.
If you try the tournaments and you get to the Predator League, you get gold packs with two legendary Dinos.

Not true. There are several highly successful players that haven’t spent a dime on this game, not even for VIP. @HanSoloWannaBe and @Subxero11 spring to mind.


Oh right. I forgot VIP packs…

yes, but besides that, a vip sub gives you so much for only little money/month

The game provides several opportunities to get a chance at decent rewards aside from just doing the pve and tournaments which is the foundation of building your park.

If you utilize various strategies in game mainly to work the trade harbor a player should be able to amass enough various resources to splurge on a few things for fun every now and then. It’s possible to get a diamond spin from the prize drop as f2p no vip but will cost you a chunk of DNA and around 5k db. There are several packs in the sale rotation now that cost db that give you a small chance at a good reward.

Now I don’t necessarily think of any of those as smart play but it’s fun to buy packs every now and then, just keep your hopes in check.

Saving resources for rarely offered discounts is never a bad idea eventually you can splurge on discount 10k solid gold packs. Using lps for good trades in the harbor is never a bad thing either, especially for things that don’t get unlocks.


Not necessarily. I’m f2p and I have strong dinos