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Is there a way to refund spent money in game (Android)?

I’m Android user.

I see some people are getting refunds from Apple. Is there a similar way to refund ALL money i spent in game?

Since possible, Ludia can delete my account if needed.


I did a full refund through Amex via Google play.


How far back does it go?

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I’m not 100 percent sure but I thought I read android goes back 30 or 90 days. Something like that. But if you are going to ask I would ask for everything. This game is simply not as advertised. The first 6 to 10 months were great imo. Been down hill for a while now. Seriously. What game allows cheaters stay in to play with 0 trophy count. What developer cant fix their own self created bugs? What developer doesnt listen to their play base? Not only do they not listen but they seem to do the exact opposite of what their player base is asking for. The list just goes on and on. I could post more but would be most of my day doing it.


I went back as far as six months. It all depends on your credit company’s policy and reason behind refund you want to give.
I told them the purchases in-game were not as advertised, nor did they keep their promise to fix an already broken game and service.

Hope that helps.
P.s. expect push back from Google Play as they will defend Ludia, Amex just had me resubmit until Google gave up, since Amex only received receipts and no viable answer from the company they decision favored me.


I will be attempting this on android as well. Ludia ruined a good thing.


i checked out my google play order history, and jwa purchases since july 2018:
USD 291,39 (today’s currency converted).


may not be as much for some country reality, but for me is $1.132,73 local money, and it’s a lot. i can buy a laptop, or a videogame console with that. or many steam games.

i’m ashamed of myself for not controlled well, i thought i spent a little more of about 100 dollars.

should be well spent, if game got better each version, if company listen what community looks for. but ludia disrespected us for last year. i don’t know if there is such a expensive game, but i doubt there is one that you SPEND MONEY AND GET WORSE RESULTS.

here i showed this specific problem (and first post has a link to situation mentioned):

i never saw a developer company that leave so many software bugs alive for so many time, and tell NOTHING to playerbase (you can say customers also). and release new versions bringing some new way to make money while simply abandon many reported issues.

99,99% of community dislike boosts (i’m still searching the 0,01%), and what the company does? this:

what company expecting we do? spend USD 50,00 purchase all this garbage, boost insanely some creatures that was VERY FINE WITHOUT THIS, and get worse results when playing?

pffffffff!!! this isn’t only provocation or disrespect, is a madness. :-1: :wastebasket:


I have USAA.
They don’t play. LOL


Be careful though ludia have banned a couple of people I know who claimed refunds. Even though they say they don’t ban for that reason…


That just shows that money is more important to them then getting rid of cheaters.


Yeah who needs to ban cheaters when you can just ban those who legitimately claim back their money lol.

Also I don’t think its legal for them to do that to a player, and pretty sure if something like that came out in the open it would be a PR nightmare for Lydia.

When you say usaa doesn’t play you mean no refund? I have them too. Just curious

I haven’t tried to get a refund, but USAA has always gone out of their way to take care of me. Every single time I had fraudulent purchases they knew before I did and I’ve never paid a cent.

Can you guys please post your message that you used to request the refund please?

massive refund requests help to strengthen reasons to do it.

if refunded, ludia can delete account or whatever. it’s fair enough.

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This is interesting, can you inform more? I also feel that it is a scam, and recovering something would not be bad …

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If you ask for a refund, I think ludia has all rights to delete your accounts, I mean you get your money back, why can’t they get their…pixels back?

I haven’t spent money on this game, but if I had and asked for a refund, I wouldn’t be surprised if my account was deleted

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In google play, you can go to your purchases and see the records, I requested a refund for each of my purchases, and vip subscriptions, for misleading advertising, we will see that they respond… I have years in the game, I like it, but it’s not funny anymore … if I lose my account, I’ll find something else to have fun …


Google Play tells me that you cannot reimburse me, to send mail to the developers, I did that, all my purchases prior to the increases are useless, so I asked the developers by mail, reimbursement for everything.

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Since they removed my publication, they replied that they would not reimburse me … And that I read the conditions, because my purchases were used …