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Is there a way to request a Trophy count reset?

It is not an exaggeration in that I have not had a fair match-up in pvp for months. My characters are all level 13 and I can somehow win one every 4-5 (due to RNG on my side) to keep myself at 2500-2900 trophies, even though every other player I come across in this “bracket” are lvls 14-16 and VERY well geared to boot.

It’s starting to wear on me and although some folks love a major challenge, it’s getting old. I’ve had matches in which my characters couldn’t even land a hit because the other team was so geared/leveled. I’ve had matches in which ALL the characters on the other side could two-shot me. I’m just weary of having to rely on the RNG for everything…I’m actually pretty good at the game, but it’s just not mattered in a few months now.

And, now with the all the “special events”, I don’t have all day for three days in order to get to the end, and that’s what it would take. It didn’t used to be like this, but in my current “bracket”, every match is so lopsided against me that it’s taking me an hour to get two wins.

Therefore, I’m ready to just start over. Is there an email address or webform in which I could request a GM to reset my trophy points to zero? Otherwise, it’s just going to be super tedious to have to start games over and over just to lose the 20-30 trophies at a time to get back down to a point at which I have fair matches again. And, to be honest, I’ve just not seen any benefits to being 2500+ trophies…just frustration.


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I doubt they will be willing to reset your count. This being said, the only way I know of to resolve this issue is to tank. I admit this is not a favorable tact and the term has a poor connotation. However, this approach has worked for others and requires a few steps:

  1. Lose intentionally until your trophy count drops to a comfortable level.
  2. Skip the next PvP event and never compete two events in a row. It may even help to lose a few battles in the events you choose to avoid.
  3. Never let you trophy count climb significantly.

If the algorithms remain unchanged, following these steps should provide comparative opponents when you choose to participate in events. It is unfortunate it works this way, but this is the only work around I am aware of.

Alternatively, I simply choose to avoid PvP events. Farming challenges provides greater rewards without the aggravation of getting rooked.

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Thanks for the advice! I have to admit, I don’t find Challenges very fun, as it’s just so repetitive …am I missing something? Is there a “best” way to farm challenges to get the best results?

Honestly, I wouldn’t care as much, but I really want to recruit the current hero being offered with the current special event (I don’t have him yet.) That’s really the main reason why I’m frustrated at being unable to complete the current event.

Its unfortunate the developer does not see the harm being done by matching event players against much stronger players from Battle Mode. Other than the unresolved connectivity issues, I am confident this is the most frustrating aspect of the app. It has been detrimental to player retention. It is astonishing they believed this would be acceptable to players.

I cannot suggest more firmly this is one of the issues that will need to be resolved if they wish to save this app. Rooking Event players is not acceptable nor necessary. [Please Ludia developers …Do not continue to disregard this issue - This is not intended as a criticism - consider it instead an astute recommendation which will deter further erosion of your player base.]

I do not have this hero either. I find it interesting all previous heroes and one of the more recent heroes have been made available without requiring players to participate in a corrupted PvP event. Most players in my trophy count grouping do not choose to use him on their rosters. so being a less favorable hero, I find it somewhat odd he is the one they have been reluctant to give away.


Ludia couldnt care less. They want you to have a frustrating experience so you will spend money to level your toons

I think you’re right. Sometimes when I think about how much money some of these players I’ve faced must have spent …it’s crazy.

Agree about the pvp. I’m averaging 1 out of 6-7 wins a match and lately with the latest event I’m lucky to even kill 1 opponent. Usually it’s 4-5 critical hits and I’m my characters are killed. I’m getting in 1-2 hits, usually for minimal damage. To say the least that’s it’s frustrating and not fun would be an understatement. And the challenges are repetitive after 1-2 plays


I tend to like and focus on the pve aspects of a game and try to ignore the pvp aspects as much as possible. I’ve found that makes me happier playing apps over the long haul.

Last season my taking first place overall in trophy count with almost 13k trophies was more some guild mates giving me a friendly nudge and me trying to see what kind of win streak I could make.

But generally the entire time I’ve been playing I tend to do the minimum with pvp and just grind challenges as I enjoy the accumulation, leveling, and completing sets aspect. Frankly, for awhile now I’ve skipped a lot of the pvp win a legend challenges and have skipped all but the first Warrior Draft. There’s a lot to do in this game and I’m picking and choosing what I like.

Now, this Jarlaxe event is totally different and a way for those to get Jarlaxe without directly paying, so different story. But I’m much happier doing events like that when I’ve routinely skipped the weekly win a random legend by doing a bunch of pvp. Personally, I’d rather just spend my time grinding gems, picking a specific 2 for 1 Legend pack I’m aiming for and at least increase my odds for getting a legend I want.

Certainly this is just me and how I approach this game and others will like the pvp aspects more than me and my experience is not applicable or even relevant for everyone. But I just wanted to offer my two cents on how I make playing a better experience for me. You’ve got to find a balance that works for you or if the game stops being fun there are plenty out there to choose from. Either way, hope you have more fun with your gaming going forward.

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