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Is there a way to see who is contributing to the alliance missions?

We have 50 players in our alliance and tonight we only have 14 daily battle incubators opened for the entire day! Wondering if there is a way for me to tell who is contributing and who is not. I think it’s time to clean house. No one is at a zero.

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You can only check the top contributor for the mission once the mission is completed. Other than that, nope.

Hopefully we’ll have alliance leader tools in the future.

But on day one consider one thing. People are in various parts of the world. My alliance has a few Australian players. Their daily incubator opening on a Monday is often far too early for it to count for Monday’s missions.

Best to use Discord. Require all members to join. Mandatory for all to post the DBI page everyday.

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I wish we had alliance tools.


I want to believe that the latest bug, where you can’t see who contributed DNA to you, has happened because they are completely overhauling all the stats to give us alliance tools and better visibility of All The Numbers.