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Is there a way to switch between accounts on one device?

So I’m planning to move my 2nd account to my own device, which already has an account. Just wondering if that would work? Would I be able to use 2 accounts on it and when i switch accounts is it gonna take a long time?

You can just log out from the settings menu, and then log in with another account. Very easy.
Keep your support key written down somewhere in case it goes haywire :wink:


Have a second google play account as switching between them is so much better than having a Facebook and a google play account.

I lost my main account when I inadvertently added my google play account to my Facebook account. I thought it was gone forever! Fortunately I had the support code and Ludia set me up again with it on another google play account.

Unfortunately, support managed to get schtemty’s account back. There’s just no getting rid of him :wink:

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Thanks for the supportive message Tielenaar!

You’re all heart


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On Android it’s easy mode on iPhone it’s a pain in the bum as you have to wipe out your data and stuff from the browser every time you want to swap accounts but it can be done.