Is there an epic incubator today?

I have seen none but the schedule said there were epic incubators outside


There are, I have a few here. Don’t know if they work, not risking it yet!

thank you !

I haven’t seen one today

They work.
I had to restart my game after 10AM EST for them to show.

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None here - all just expert fright trial ones.

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Thanks. Done now, but after last few days thought it best to wait.

Of course typical none in sight on my map.

It’s our there and isn’t glitchy

Found one a couple of miles away that I did. Was not the one with 4 dinos, I assume that one was just removed when it glitched?

There wasnt one in my entire town. Had to drive 21 km to find one. This is absolutely absurd.

Was that the 4 dino one?

Forget the 4 dino one it’s gone. Move on.

Very very few and far between - was just beginning to think they had screwed up and then came across two together in the next town across.