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Is there an Epic Strike today? (4/28/19)


I thought there was a 3-step Epic Strike tower today, was I mistaken? Cos I can’t find it anywhere.


17 more minutes by my watch.


Derrrr, forgot about the time, never mind. lol

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There is an epic strike tower, and ludia decided to be scummy by saying its a friendly leveled strike tower(level 1-5), yet you face almost maxed level creatures


Max lvl is something like 23 no ?


I guess this caused the problem :smiley:


What are the dinos?


first and third stage: argentino diplodocus amarga
second stage: allosaurus ourano edmondo


Usually towers with 3 steps do not involve L30 dinos. I guess they are L23-L26.


What are you talking about:

Also, 20-23 isn’t “nearly max lvl”.


Battle order from Top to bottom:


It’s a easy one
Indominus and Tryo do it


The last two matches:


If you click the information on the strike itself it says its difficulty is friendly and suggested dinos lvl 1-5…

While i wouldnt believe it even if I didnt know better… some people go by that info and it should be somewhat accurate.

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I always look at the strike tower info before attempting it, and when i saw the suggested difficulty was 1-5, i figured it would a simple fun tower. And that wasnt the case, in fact, it was like some of the other ones before in the past weeks, deceivingly difficult.