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Is there an epic trial today?

The epic trial normally shows up at this time. There’s none visible in my neighbourhood. Is there one today, if at all?

No, @Par


I’ve just done the epic speed trial?

It’s the typical distribution.

It’s funny because Ludia are supposed to be making things more accessible this year due to COIVD-19 yet their epic towers are so vast the people have no choice but to go outside and walk for miles.

You hear that @E.D? How are you making things more accessible? To give you an example of how poor this is and an example of your tower spawn system going from vast to overcrowded…

I have no epic tower on my map from my house, yet within the radius of my house I have 6… yes SIX of the Fight or Flight Strike. Now I only need one of them and I’ve got 3 of them in a cluster. WHY do they need to be in a cluster when you can only play one tower???

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For the umpteenth time I’m in exactly the same boat as you @GPx

In my 200m circle I have 3 of the same strike event, I can’t see an epic event anywhere on the map, and I have no green stops in my circle.

What’s the point in asking Ludia though?

I’ve asked week after week and the only response I had months ago was to submit pics to them. Then you get an automated response and that’s it. Nothing changes.

Yes. I had to technically trespass to do it, but it’s there.

They are the ones developing this game, so if i’m not happy about something I will badger them until I see changes or I decide to give up.

What does not bothering and keeping quiet achieve for you? Don’t be a sheep.

What’s the definition of madness?

If you could see how many times I’ve sent pics showing that these strikes are missing you’d maybe understand.

Since they changed the way the maps work ages ago it was totally no good if you lived in a very rural park area like me. Very few green stops, and at least one of the epic strikes unavailable every week.

So should I be sending in tickets with pics every single week and making posts on here every time?
Or just getting on with it, occasionally backing up someone else with the same issues…

So why do you seem to have an issue with me bring it up every time in here? What is it to you whether I bother doing that or not?

As I said, if I am not happy with something in the game I will post here and tag Ludia as much as I want and as often as I want. So why even bring it up?

If you read back, you’ll see I backed up your points.

I went on to say I felt there was no point in asking Ludia as their reply is to send in a ticket with pics, which I’ve done no end of times.

So you chose to call me a sheep.

I have no issue at all with you bringing it up every time here! I backed your post up for goodness sake!

So I’ll make a note not to support your posts in future since you clearly think I have an issue with you.