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Is there ANOTHER exploit?

45 min ago I joined the tournament and #1 had 210, that player has now been passed by 20 people who all have 350+. Im just curious how a number of people have jumped up so fast


This is why I didn’t.

I knew.

I mysteriously lost all my trophies after Last connection…

critics party is the new name of the tournament

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:smile: now that would be absolutely hilarious.

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Hey Pirulass, could you contact our support team here at so they can take a look at your account? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

#1 has 480. assume 5 minutes/battle and it’s been running for 2.5 hours you could have battled 30 times already. average 30 trophies/win, max would be about 900 trophies so far. so 480 doesn’t seem crazy.


Im only asking because I have won about 80% of my matches I in the time it took me to reach 180 the top player started at 210 and nobody else above 180… The next time I looked the player who was 1 was 17 and the players above him had come from nowhere to eclipse 300. I realize its not impossible but after last week it did raise an eyebrow

You can have an incredibly fortunate streak. The difference between winning 80% of your battles and winning 95% is massive. That’s not just 15% more earned trophies, it’s 15% less losses. It’s a large differential.


Even if it is an exploit , i play it for fun … a chance to see other Dinos in game , beside Thor&CO

These tourneys are a blast, last 1 just left me shellshocked I guess

These tourneys are a blast, last 1 just left me shellshocked I guess. I stopped playing when the exploit came out, I was in the top 100 before it started going crazy. I didnt want to use the exploit but didnt want to fight because Id never catch up, it was crazy, compete and possibly get penalized or have no chance… Im guess Im looking for trouble where maybe there is none

Or like me, an incredible unfortunate streak… for every 2 matches I win, I lose 4…

Frustrating when opponents stuns work vast majority of the time and mine don’t… also when you get critted by a 5% chance multiple times and a 30+ chance just hits normal…

One issue I have had is when I win… the game just sits on the battle screen… I have to close the app and reopen it in order to get to the win screen… losses I don’t have a problems though…

Don’t see what’s wrong with that. I played like, less than an hour and I’m at 210.

Ni Ned.
I’ve sent many mails to to support and the only response was a standard message.

Thanks for your help but everything is useless.

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It could take some time for our team to reply, but rest assured that our team will try to get back to you ASAP once they get a chance to see your ticket.

We also recommend waiting for our team to respond before updating the ticket as it could delay their process.

Actually it’s 75% less losses.

Heres my question Brian, how are the people winning at that pace mitigating the RNG factor? I raced up the board umthis morning then went to work at 180, good enough to be top 50 at that time, when I played again at lunch I went 7 consecutive games in which my greater stunning strike failed to stun… 5 loses, 2 wins. So if people are winning 95% are they simply lucky or are the rest of us missing something?

It’s not just luck… I’m top 100 now even though I’m not playing as much as I’d like to ('cause of work and, you know, social life)… And I got most of my wins with awesome team strategy, if I may say so. I consider luck when it involves 5% crits and enemy failing to dodge or stun… And by this definition I believe I had as much luck as I had bad luck.

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I played the whole time I was at work. Over 10 hours.
Highest I got was 61st place at 450 trophies.

Now due to bad luck from rng, I’m barely hanging on to 490th… I have 210 trophies.

It shouldn’t be gain 30 lose 30 either. The top 500 is so crowded right now with people at the same score. :confused:
Would be better if it was gain 30 lose 25 like it was last week.


Very few most likely. But RNG could also be working in their favor at the moment. The accounts in question could also be playing well and have a well thought out team. Let’s see how their lead holds.