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Is there any boosts sale up? And any idea is same cost as before?

Is there any boosts sale up yet? And any idea is same cost as before?

As if its not then its not reasonable to do to ones who already spent lots of HC (and real money like me) on older boosts cost and if they are same then they now leveling boosts is going to cost a lot more.

Really no reply? I just don’t want to miss any sale if there are one.

No sale at the moment but I’m guessing sales will start this week coming

Ludia will be desperately trying to come up with a way to entice us into buying them again when they’re value has been decimated.

If they try and charge the same amount as before , 500 hard cash for 25 boosts, no one will be daft enough to buy them at that rate.
If they charge 500 hard cash for 50 boosts or 75, or even 100 there will be an outcry over the amount we were refunded with the update.

So what do they do?

Sell 100 for 1000 hc its more in line with Ludias other prices… while im a huge critic of Ludias monetization strategies including their high prices… as far as this game goes boosts were to good of deal as far as the impact money spent had on your team.