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Is there any Casual Alliances out there?

I need an Alliance, but I’m not really a battler when it comes to competition.

Last Alliance I was in, You had to fight every minute or you’ll get kicked out, and don’t get me started on tournaments. ( A little bit exaggerated)
So, is there a Casual Alliance I can get into?


You can come to ARK we have some casual alliances that don’t require a lot. Just let them know what you’re looking for and how you play.

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DinoSAURian II is a nice casual alliance that is always looking for more active members. If you like to know any thing else plz let me know

Why not THE KINGDOM TWD. We’re super casual in rules, can negotiate if you need to leave, and got tier 8 last championship. PM me if you want details

We’re about as casual as casual can be at Fading Fast, a new alliance started under two weeks ago. We are open to all players, no daily play requirements, play as much or little as you want. Please understand you will very likely receive fewer rewards than in a larger more competitive alliance. We made it to 7 on explore, 3 on battle last week, and didn’t even hit the lowest tournament rewards in our first full week. You can read a bit more in a post in alliances from last week or PM for more details, I think we’re up to 28 members now.


That is what I am talking about!

Casual alliances have all become to… or at least they are trying to be a “hardcore” alliance because of benefits of wasting hours in front of a phone.

Join us at Devastating Dinos

Don’t know if you found a good fit yet, but if not, come apply to BiceratopsWrecks. I just started it a few days ago after leaving an alliance that had become super toxic in the FB chat. I’m very accepting of new/casual players! Only rules are no bigots, and have fun!