Is there any point to having duplicate dragons?

I don’t really see any point in having multiple of the same dragon unless it’s one that can gather more resources, for example two Monstrous Nightmares to get fish. Is there any other use to having them or do they just take up space?

I think you answered your own question. A dragon that has really good stats in at least one area might be worth having more than one, especially earlier on when you don’t have all that many dragons with good stats. However, as you progress and have many different dragons that are good at something, this becomes less relevant, especially as many of the best dragons are Unique. That said, I happened to get two Ruffnut’s Trancemare’s, and I am using both as they are exceptional iron collectors (possibly the best¹ in the game). Similarly, if I happened to get a second Dustbrawler, I would probably keep, train and use it.

BTW, the common Monstrous Nightmare is a pathetic fish collector (≈2M at 150). You should be looking to use dragons with a minimum 10M at 150; 15M would be better². Sven’s Nightmare (a Monstrous Nightmare) for example is almost 19M, although he’s also Unique, so you can’t have more than one.

(¹ One could argue if Dustbrawler is better or worse. Dustbrawler has a much shorter ≈1h collection time vs.the Trancemare’s ≈24h, but costs 499M wood vs. 250M fish.)

(² There are 48 dragons with >15M fish collection, although watch your collection times too; a 20M/2h dragon is only better than a 15M/8h dragon if you are logging in often enough to keep re-sending it.)

Monstrous Nightmare is the best fisher I have right now, which is why I used it as an example. I only just started a couple weeks ago. I appreciate the input.

Well, this doesn’t exactly help because he’s Unique, but do you have Hookfang yet? He’s a much better fisher (at max 9M, he’s almost decent out of all possible dragons, even).

You might also want to watch for shockjaws. I used those earlier in the game; in fact, I have four of them. (I really ought to release some, but… sentiment. I’m quite some ways from being out of hangar space, so it’s not pressing.) They’re far from the best any more (≈5M max rate, but that’s better than the MN), but IIRC you can get them relatively early on.

I suppose to look at your question differently, it may well be worthwhile early on to have several of a dragon that is your best gatherer, but it will become less and less useful as you progress in the game and have a wider range of different dragons. If you plan on releasing the extras later, then it won’t really hurt you. (Hint: don’t change their names. It’s much easier to kick out Shockjaw #2 than to contemplate never again seeing Iskri or Trydan or Sparky or Electra…)

È una domanda che mi pongo spesso, ad esempio sono innamorata di bianfolgore (livello 114) e mi ritrovo un’altra di livello 12.
Vale la pena di provare a farla progredire?

Translated from Italian

It is a question I often ask myself, for example I am in love with bleach (level 114) and I find myself another at level 12.
Is it worth trying to make it progress?

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Well, it’s really up to you. As previously noted, I have four shockjaws, mostly for sentimental reasons. Two of them are IIRC level 126. I have a pair of edgewings (Kamille and Leon… ha, ha, get it?) that have reached level 136 even though they aren’t really useful for anything any more, except burning off excess resources. If you stick with the game long enough to max out on possible upgrades (training, great hall, forge, etc.), you can train dragons “just because”.

IMHO the only dragon that is worth having multiples for collections is Rattling Smokebreath for collecting iron. They are cheap and fast to level up and collect lots of iron for the amount of fish it costs to send them to collect. If I knew how well they do at collecting iron when my dragons started hitting 80, I would not have waited so long to get multiples and level them up. This is the only dragon that I have 3 of that are all level 150.