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Is there any real gay character?

I am a male lovelinking with guys but it’s pretty clear their conversations and their acting are made to be spoken/proposed to a girl.
So I guess it should be considered to create a difference between what characters can do if talking to a male user or a female one.


They’re meant be talking to either gender, but I get that vibe too that the guys are talking to a girl while the girls, for the most part depending on the character, seem like they may be talking to a guy. The characters aren’t have any set sexuality though as technically they are meant to be talking to either gender because your profile can be for any gender. But I definitely get what you’re saying.

I had been having the same thought as Teo. I am gay and playing a male character interacting with the other male characters. I love the game/story’s smart and mostly gender-neutral dialogue, but when male characters talk about their female exes or partners without acknowledging that their interest in a male player-character is a new twist for them it takes me out of the game’s otherwise immersive experience. This is also an issue in more subtle ways with the dialogue every now and then. Maybe down the line finding a way to keep the language generally gender-neutral but also build in some ways of acknowledging same-sex attraction could be considered.

I would be down for that. As of right now it seems that the profile pictures we can pick are simply for our own tastes rather than it having any affect on conversations. However, it would be cool if the profile pictures could be coded to be acknowledged as female, male, and non-binary or, and likely a simpler option, for there to be a question of “How do you identify yourself” with the options of f/m/nb and conversations with characters match accordingly when the character is addressing the player as needed.


That’s a great idea, and it would be consistent with the spirit of the design of the npc profiles, which already include nonbinary characters. I’d love it if we could customize our own profile a little more–in terms of both gender presentation and sexuality.

I agree! The profile having a little more relevance than being whatever you like the look of most would be fun. Though I’m perfectly fine with the zodiac thing being irrelevant to the success rate of matching with someone (which doesn’t exist beyond if they’re available and if you’ve matched with their counterpart yet or not). That way if you only want one gender then you don’t have to see all the others you’re uninterested in as they show up. The only downside to if someone picked exclusively women is that there is a noticeably (significantly) smaller pool of available girls to match with.

Granted, I’m guessing the guys are typically more popular as these kinds of games tend to attract more women who prefer the guys so if that’s the case I’d understand the decision for there being more investment in the guys. But I’m glad there are still a handful of interesting girls too.

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