Is there any room for Tragodistis om my team?

Don’t know who I could sacrifice for Tragodistis. What do you guys think?

I like everything on your team more them tragod


Personally I would say no - esp with the nerf to SS in 1.5


There Is no room for tragodistis in anybody team with 1.5 lol


Right now, I would say Stegod. But once this update drops, Tragod might not be a safe bet anymore.

I never had trago on my team even in 1.4 and even having one at 24, and whit 1.5 i never have him for sure xd


I’m the same as you… I have a trago up gradable to level 25, but now with the Nerf to superior strike and hp… I’m not leveling up trago and not putting him on my team.

Tragod should be benched.
Another Bleeder would be just fine…:+1:

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Thanks guys :blush: I’ll soon have my spinatosuchus ready! :+1: