Is there any top 500 player not using Stegodeus?


Please share your strategy!

:thinking: I guess gigaspik and ankyntro must be in. And the starting dino is probably Tryo.


You’re more likely to see a top 500 deck without an indorapter.

And that should tell you something.


Top 500 battles is who have more lvl indoraptor, more lvl stegodeus or more lvl uniques and the luck to dodge, crit etc xd


hardly anyone uses ankytrosaurus. hardly anyone starts with tryostronix. hardly anyone uses gigaspik. it’s usually stegodeus vs stegodeus out of the gate.


Look at the 8th player in ranking, no stegodeus. Instead there is a strong team at level 25


Not mine though…:sweat_smile:…


Either that person has worked out a “Stay invincible every move” strategy or they have worked out how to cheat or it’s photoshop. Surely?


Or they’re collecting birds this week and it’s easier to track how much DNA you have for each one if you sort them up onto your team? (Since we don’t have any other sort mechanic for our collections.) Or they want to use the birds in friendly battles for fun? That dilo could be there to use in the pterosaur strike events (it has two nullifying attacks, which is very helpful to get through all shields/swapn-in shields quickly). Just saying jumping to “cheat” doesn’t seem warranted.


Its not photoshop. everybody can do that. when battle, use all your supers. when want to sleep or when you stop playing, change all your team to that tiny. and go to sleep. people will see that as your team when browse the game
…there is no cheating


Here is what I use with no Stegogod


What do u usually start with?Allo?


[Ive edited this a few times]
This person has a level 1 common Dino in the team and is ranked 6th in the world.
I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say something is up here.
I now see what you were trying to say, I think Neode;?@! Explained it better.
But to be ranked 6th they wouldn’t be using this squad the picture was posted to prove that some people don’t use Stegodeus but your point (about this not being the team they actually use) enforces the fact that everyone does indeed use it.
If they were useing this squad then I stand by my initial comment.


Most people start with Tanks such as stegodeus. Allo is a decent counter when over leveled


You just need to put all these Ptero in your deck, and don’t need to do any battle.
The leadreboard will automatic refresh and show your “not for fight” pvp team for anyone.
This is easy, and won’t influence your score.
(If you remembered to switch before your next battle)

So, any pic like this couldn’t prove anyone doesn’t use Stegodeus on top 500.


Allo, Giga, Stegocera or Toura in that order depending on the 4 I get


BTW, just curious, why don’t u use Stegodeus?


I ran into one not using Stegodeus. He/she started with tryo.


I honestly started with Giga and kept at it, plus I really think Stegogod will get hit with a nerf.


Another guy #nostegodeusinteam


Anyone can change their team for a battle and take a screen shot of their team with out a Stegodeus in the picture. However those teams are awesome and could battle well even with out it. A top team without Stegodeus is definitely the exception not the rule. Eventually the uniques will outclass Stegodeus though I guess (I haven’t got one so couldn’t really say).