Is there any way to choose your heroes for online battles?

I have a team of 5 heroes currently, and due to the immense scarcity of gold, I’ve only been leveling the ones I use. This leaves one charter far below the level of the rest.
But when I play online, my team gets picked randomly… I want to Vs able to pick which of my charges fight, do I can leave out my extra low level warlock.
It’s there any way to do this? If not there really should be.

No you can’t. It’s all random and it’s a concept to force you into leveling / upgrading other heroes as well.

upgrading your other heroes also raises your renown level, very important to get better rewards

The overall renown is fine and all but gold is to hard to come by to level every character we get.

How do you select characters for Adventure mode? I don’t see any way to do it.

So go into the characters tab; the 4 (or less, if you aren’t up to 4 yet) will be standing there. The cards at the bottom are moveable; flick to the left and you will see more. Just drag and drop them over who you don’t want to use and it will change your party.

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