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Is there any way to get that sanctuary moved out of the way?

It’s eating up event creatures now. If it spawns a smaller creature, you can’t even tap on it.

I have that by me, impossible to get most dinos due to sanctuary.

Enter sanctuary and then leave, that dino should spawn faster than the sanctuary so that’s your chance.

I’ll try that next time I get to it, thanks. Though stuff like this shouldn’t be happening.

Yeah I agree it’s really frustrating to try to click on the dino, hope that works for you.

I’ll reiterate here, since it seems they didn’t listen in the last thread about this.

Stop putting sanctuaries and drops next to each other. Sanctuaries do not need to be next to drops. They can be in other locations where there’s open space. What’s the point of putting them adjacent to drops? It’s not like I need them in close range to use them, so if I’m walking down the street and stop at a drop, and two blocks down, there’s a sanc, I can just stick a dino in there from where I’m standing. No one needs these things to be associated.

If it’s too difficult as it is to place them in random spots away from drops (which I doubt), just require them to be X meters away from a drop. Please. This is ridiculous and doesn’t just interfere with dinos, it can also make it difficult to access strike towers.


Where I live there’s a Sanctuary next to a Supply drop, and whenever that Supply Drop turns into an event one, I already know I’m going to have a fun time trying to click on the creature to dart it but instead click on the Sanctuary 20 times.


I hate how the strike towers and the sanctuaries are right on top of each other and the regular supply drops.

I think you should tap and hold to enter a strike tower or sanctuary. While just tapping to select a Dino or supply drop.

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I wonder if flagging it and offering a description of the problem would have a chance to bring it to Ludia’s attention. It says the report will go to Google though.

Worth a try if support doesn’t acknowledge your message of concern.

Done, but I don’t know if Google cares.