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Is there any way to punish these droppers?

I know that not all people drop deliberately but for those who drop deliberately, Is there is a way to punish them??

I don’t see much point in punishing them. Dropping is just a symptom of a flawed system that punished them into dropping in the first place. Just fix the system.


Actual incentive to push into higher arenas would be a start impossible to completely fix droppers but better rewards in higher arenas and access to more exclusive dinos would be a boost.


Raid bosses, tournaments, and friendly battles demonstrate Ludia has the ability to write code to enforce either level caps that cannot be exceeded or limits on how many boosts are active during a match. Ludia has ignored this in the arena, while heavily encouraging participating in a high number of battles to achieve the level 10 defense alliance rank each week, so it is not surprising that many players have decided that it’s more efficient use of their time to stay hundreds of trophies below where they otherwise would be to easily defeat underpowered teams for likely larger aggregate rewards. There are plenty of ways to discourage dropping, but as 2.7 shows it never has been a priority for Ludia to discourage how players spend time in the arena. When super boosted uniques and apexes function the same from shores to badlands why punish players when the game’s designers choose to make it possible.


Better rewards from incubators in higher arenas would be a good start, more coins for battling there as well.

Then introducing rarity restrictions per arena (apex allowed from depot and above, unique from aviary and above, legendary from 3500 and above, etc) would discourage droppers as they would have to use unboosted lower level creatures to climb back to their arena.

For defense missions, you can farm raids for battles and incubators or campaign missions for battles. It’s more efficient than battling in the arena if you are not after the incubators.


I would encourage you to read the dozens of posts in which the concept of caps is thoroughly put down. It’s a bad idea and it would do far more harm than good. Also, in order to remain far below your potential you have to lose as much as you win as well as lose your way down to begin with which actually equals a net gain for lower level players. The answer is a trophy system based on a players high water mark and better incentive to push higher.


Putting more DNA into the later incubators AND letting you choose what DNA you get would help a ton. It sucks to go through a bunch of bad matches only to get something like Erlikosaurus instead of an Arena Exclusive.

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That’s one of the key reason why increasing rewards doesn’t work, increasing random rewards does not provide predictable outcomes. Dropping them smash provides a very predictable coin reward at the very least with likely less effort.

The other problem with increasing rewards is what would you reward that end game players would value that does not affect ludia’s business model. As far as I know ludia does not discount boosts and has never made apex dna purchasable so that leaves things like epic or exclusive dna, coins, or Dino bucks. I don’t think any of those will prevent droppers. Granting more exclusive rewards to high arenas just makes the threshold to cross into them higher. Are you sure that is what you really want?

Back to caps, should we just skip all the even level tournaments? They are far more inclusive to the entire player base. Why bother with caps for raid bosses, so let’s get rid of those too. The reality is arena specific caps to rarity and boost power will do much more to making the match competitive. Let people drop if they still want to, but they will have to compete with their wits, not overwhelming force while there or trying to climb back up.

Way to ignore a reply to your posts… I’ll try again.

Caps don’t work, aren’t fair and would do more harm than good. Player skill means you get a different result for a different user at different levels. Someone who has higher level dinos than so.eone else may be a less skilled battle and with caps they are stuck forever so they walk away. There are literally dozens of other reasons on dozens of other threads I’m sure you’ll choose to not read and ignore on the off chance all the very valid points made may dissuade you from your rigid perspective

How can they punish them when dropping is encouraged by the achievement requiring you to win 35 PVP battles with a team of all commons? Some of my players had to drop all the way down to Arena 2 to accomplish this achievement. A horrible waste of time losing battles then another day regain his original spot.


I’m not claiming my perspective is 100% correct, or ignoring your reply or countless other posts that have failed to sway the game designers at ludia. What I am saying is that allowing teams to use high level heavily boosted creatures not intended for the lower arenas has been far more unhealthy for the game, ignoring the problem has not made it better. Improving rewards will have unintended consequences to hate the upper arenas even further. Implementing caps for estates down should be easy, leave aviary on up as is. The coming boost reset and teams loaded with apexes may make the point moot later this week, I’m not exactly sure what estates will look like by the end of the month

Again, it is incorrect to think a level cap will help anything or that dropping is so bad for lower players. You have to lose a LOT to drop and lose as much as you win to remain in a lower arena which means for every ugly loss you probably get 2 wins without knowing the reason why. Dropping isn’t as big an issue as this forum wants to believe and 90% of the dropper complaints on here aren’t even droppers they’re just mismatches.

Ok, then what would you suggest is an easy to implement alternative to the current matchmaking supported by yourself or the community that would make matches like this poster and many others experience often enough to post here never occur again?

So the 1st thing I would say is that a lot of the things people post about are simply mismatches and not droppers which there is no way to correct. The top is crowded and better teams will continue to get pushed down simply by the nature of the game, more and more people getting stronger means less room higher up and better and better teams getting pushed down. Apexs and some uniques are easy to get and level and thus will be on more and more teams, when you combine that with the simple fact that you can have a high level team and be a poorly skilled battler you’re going to see better teams in lower arenas. Ultimately you can’t prevent or punish droppers, you have to give them a reason to climb as high as possible. There needs to be more variety at the top to ease monotony, better coin and DNA rewards for higher arena, probably a new arena to strive for, balance especially Cera and a new trophy system that rewards you based on the high water mark meaning losing to a significantly higher player only cost you 20 while a win gets you 40 if the players high trophy mark is more than 500 higher than yours and the reverse. That would make it harder to drop while awarding players who beat them on their way down.

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I am in the high aviary (4900-5100) and this is the team I faced. I won’t put there name but all I will say it there a leader of a alliance for those who are in NUBLAR SHORES!!! WHY ARE THEY ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!!! I see NO WAY they lost THAT BAD to get ALL THE WAY down to 4900 trophies and I PRAY that the match making system is not that BROKEN to were I am fighting people in NUBLAR SHORS, 3!!! Arenas higher then me.

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They used there tentorex and monolorhino for a 3-0 win or 3-0 lose for me

Depending on boosts, this team could be low library, especially after reset many of my alliance mates who are low depot and were reset at 5250 are about to drop to aviary.

Well I have a pic of the tentorex stats and monolorhino but I need better WiFi to put the pics up

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I do not intentionally drop at all but at the beginning of the season, I find myself facing teams that clearly should be in Gryo or Shores down in the library all the time. I feel like with my mostly level 30 dino team with a fair amount of boosts, I should always be around high library or lower gyro. But with the gyro/shores teams either starting off the season at a lower trophy level or intentional droppers, I end up losing and going all the way down to 5100-5200ish.

So if I end up facing a team that should be legit lower library, it’s not that I meet you there dropping on purpose… it’s just the other teams that should be at a much higher trophy level pushing me down.

That team is similar to mime.and I’m around 5200 right now with a season high in the 5600 range. After reset its not only harder to push up, its often not worth it to try, heck I’ll admit to half heartedly fighting because the push up is meaningless. That’s what I mean though, the immediate reaction is “dropper” but probably not, most likely just someone who’s isn’t trying to fight their way up for nothing