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Is there anyone who rank higher than me with an equal or lower level?

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I already unlock the Dino last month, but I want DNA and green dollar.
I don’t like fight the ordinary one, because the system always match me to the same size dinos rival and I always win.

In the tournament I can win those bigger dinos and I like challenge them.

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You do know all these other players are bots right?



:laughing:they are not bots I hear they crying… :yum: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

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No, seriously. What you face as “opponents” in PvP and Tournaments are all bots. You don’t face any real players in this game.

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Hey! They are real players man

We are not that lucky to get bots in tournament

@Syed_Junaid, I beg to differ. We have seen enough times evidence that they’re bots.

  • How is it, that when a new creature releases in Tournaments, you find one at max level while facing it in Dominator league, or if unlucky, one of the lower leagues?

  • Why does every “player” follow the exact same battle pattern on every fight?

  • Why do the “players” take such a painfully long time to make their move while we can do it in a few seconds?

  • Why do they never have a connection issue?

This isn’t Jurassic World Alive, everything we face here are bots.


Also, when’s the last time you went second in a tournament battle?


Do you remember me really

Yes I will agree with You but they are noob and pro guys and pattern is not always same you can compare PvP and tournament with other matches like battle mode and events we see diffence

IMG_20210425_080315_585 lol top 1

I’ve been playing since February of 2020… It’s the same or similar battle pattern all the time. I have been using only one strategy since January 2021, which is two fodders and one strong creature (VIP level 30 ferocity and above). The opponents have always responded in a similar manner. Their first mistake being going for taking out the first fodder. If there was even one real player they would see it’s a trap and not attack the fodder in first turn.


Bro what is your game level
My game level is 59

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Level 99… :eyes:


Unbelievable really nice,then Infront of you I am also a bot

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Trust this guys, you play with bots, the AI is set to be different among different events (boss is different, using boss is different, gyro is different, regular events are different, and tournaments are different).

Is easy as: when is the last time you started as the second player?

Also, there are a lot of VIP players, when is the last time you faced a VIP player with gold in their picture.

Since almost two years I think none of us have faced a real player.

It’s cool because once you understand the AI you can win pretty easily in the tournaments.