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Is there anyone who rank higher than me with an equal or lower level?

Really sorry for my rivals , I almost can hear they cry…the big Dino all have long cool-down…I am very evil and aggressive school boy…:joy:

dont waste your green dollars…ranking 99 and ranking 1st get the same reward…i don’t reset the cool down with green dollars. I may reset it if the cost is under 20 bucks but won’t do so if I need spend over 20 bucks.

Once you attain sufficient lineup depth you don’t even need to buy creatures out of cooldowns. I have more level 40 VIP Creatures, all over 16 hours cooldown (Tanycolagreus hits 1 day 1 hour) than I have level 20s and level 10s, I still manage to finish PvE as well as Tournaments perfectly fine.




are bots I always win by doing the same strategy :ok_hand:


That’s not how the game works.

With tournaments, it’s a matter of how many battles you win, thus the higher trophy count. This equates to the power and size of your roster.

There are no PvP elements, its all just an illusion. Why is it in tournaments that you ALWAYS go first? Why does it take 3 no more than seconds to find a battle with the matchup being fair?

That’s why this game does not have PvP. It’s all just an illusion.

Ive played this game since release so Ive seen the plethora of changes to the game including “PvP” and tournaments.


Now I got it


:joy::joy: all bots rivals cry…not, don’t cry baby…just wait another 20 hours then there you are again…

If you don’t mind my asking… Why 20 hours? If the bots use mainly level 20 VIP creatures Ferocity which they do most of the time… Why should they “wait” that long?


I think 20 hours is the cooldown of his dinos

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Plot twist: the only real bot is the one who says there are no bots


yep im Ricardo milos :laughing:

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That’s exactly what a bot would say. :flushed:


Now I’m started wondering if im also a bot. What is reality? Who am I? I’m maybe a wood bot called botoccio


Dr.manhattan Milos…
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I an level 69…59 69 99

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Haven’t lost any since yesterday night…at least 15 win chain achieved

All of these, all tournament ‘players’ all PVP ‘players’ they are all bots.
Just wanted to make it clear.

Also, my opponent has come first in a PVP battle, but only twice ever so it’s very, very, rare

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In PvP yes sometimes you do go second but never in Tournaments.