Is there intent for devs to fix spawns in strike spots?


I get that this may be difficult to fix, but I’d like to know if it’s at least on the list. Before this photo there was a pyro in the other strike location. So two missed this morning alone. Blargh!! :disappointed_relieved:


They just need to remove the bases for these towers. Doesnt seem like that would be that hard of a fix.

They arent needed anyway. You can see the “tank” that is on the pole from across the map without the obnoxious concrete bases that suck up dinos into the void.

Ive lost quite a few epics to these bases as well, always a bummer. Even worse when you really need the dino that is stuck inside them.


As far as that Pyro goes…That tail might be bordering on just far enough to warrant trying to dart it next time (even though it is stuck inside the tower and all). One trick is to try and get close to the Strike Tower, zoom in and adjust the “direction” that you’re facing on the screen so that the tail or head is “free” of the tower, and try to tap on that part of the creature. Sometimes you’ll just click the Strike Tower, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and get the dinosaur.

I’ve gotten at least 1 Allosaurus “unstuck” from a Strike Tower that way, although it doesn’t help with creatures like Ankylocodon that are completely ensconced within the tower.


I had a taborasorus pop up inside a strike tower just now that I was on my third time through. When I tried to open it, I got this. Had to restart the app to be able to fight it again.


That’s uh…that’s one bad glitch. :rofl::rofl:

But in all seriousness, hopefully Ludia will be able to compile a list of bugs and post a maintenance patch in a few weeks. Things were fairly stable (as far as glitches go) in the weeks before the update, so it’ll just take time.


I was working on that when it despawned. Weird part was the pyro spawned and despawned there within 3-4 minutes.


Something that helps me get the trapped dinos, is to zoom in a little then leave the screen. Either click on the dinodex thing, or any other option. As soon as you click back to your map, the dino will appear without the strike tower covering it…for like a half second. Tap on it quickly and you should be able to get it. Good luck next time!


That’s a bummer…although I’m sure you’ll have better luck with your next Pyroraptor encounter.