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Is there no golden tower today?

Can not spot a single one on the map, only the grey ones. But according to the weekly schedule there should be one…

Friday and Sunday only.

Here in Denmark there is still 5 minutes till they will spawn. Dont know at your place

Well today is sunday and the grey one scheduled for today is already around

Hmmm…i have the grey one too…Normally the sunday ones spawn at 16:00 sunday

Boom…now i have the golden ones too

Timings are all out at the moment some appear an hour before others

I have it now too. Funny they had different timings for these two. Thanks.

I beat a single grey and single gold today (Sunday) beat the 5 fight yesterday on Saturday.

The grey/white on popped up at 8 am here than the yellow one popped up at 9 am.

I totally misread that headline… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Would be an odd thing to ask for in a public forum.
Had to double-check that the L was present.

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