Is there "Non-free-to-play-content"?

Hello dear community,

My simple question is whether there are dinosaurs that cannot be obtained without real money. My suspicion falls on some Vip35 dinosaurs such as Stygimoloch. At the end of the weekly ticket event there is the possibility to get Vip10 for a few thousand Buks with a low probability that a Vip35 will also be included. That’s how I got the Vip35 Plotosaurs. However, the same Vip35 always seem to be there and some are not.

When researching the forum I found indications that there was once a tournament for the Stygimoloch, but there was talk of Vip20. Maybe things have changed since then?

How to get the Vip35 like Tarbosaurs, Procoptodon and Stygimoloch without real money?

I am afrid there is no way to get 35k lp creatures without money (membership VIP) Chance to get platinum platinum ticket roulete withoup buying vip ticket ic propably zero

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Just a handful of VIPs. Most are Available from the platinum spin, where you’ll need to spend lots of DB. It will take time to Get them all.

Eventually other new will replace the former new and you’ll be able to get them.


The only way for you to get vip exclusive dnos without spending real money is on the platinum wheel, but you probably have to get really lucky and willing to spend all your resources to get one. Really lucky so that for all of them for an entire week it doesn’t have a single one where you have to spend money to enter.

Honestly, I see no other use for Buks then spending them on the platinum wheel. And 5.000 Buks a week are easiely earned, so I try. If I have no use on Vip10 anymore, I might spend everything for one week of beeing a Vip, spending everything on Vip35. We’ll see. :slight_smile: Thank you for the quick help!

You don’t have to spend real money for the platinum spin.

You will need to buy all coin, food and DNA tickets and most of the DB tickets when offered and at the end of the week, Monday morning couples hour around the wheel change over, you will need to spend more DB to buy out the rest of the platinum spin. You’ll end up spending 3000+ DB a week to do this.


That is what I am talking about. However it is between 5000 to 6000 buks when I only buy tickets for food, DNA and coins. I don’t get how you receive a price of 3.000+

@Timmah factored in buying the Dinobuck tickets during the week. You don’t. That’s the difference.

Edit: Back to the original question, at least once, Ludia has messed up and opened up VIP tournaments to non-VIP players. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen again, much less when, but it’s something to watch out for.


Does anybody know if a non-VIP will be able to reach the gold prize wheel with buying tickets with DBs in addition to coins, food and DNA during the week, without paying extra DBs at Monday?

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opps! I mean to put without spending money

Of course there is a post for that, you will need to calculate out what you will need and when to get there…


If I get your question right, yes. But it’s 4.000 buks in tickets. Absolutely not worth it.

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And here’s a link to one of those rare opportunities

This one was corrected after about an hour, but those players who were able to jump in early were able to complete the tournament

I could be wrong but IIRC last Halloween during crazy discounts there was an option for non VIP players to buy a Tarborosaurus pack.

(ok let me dig it up)…

still kinda sore over this one…

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Well, one avenue albeit extremely rare is if Ludia will kick VIP+ dinos down to a basic VIP level. We saw that with Acrocanthosaurus and more recently Wuerhosaurus. Now the likelihood of it happening is extremely thin, but possible:

And side note, the VIP+ dinos don’t give any special advantages. They are only good for finishing a collection. The 35k VIP+ packs are a worse investment than the 10k packs. You get the same resources in both packs, it’s just the 35k pack costs 25k more.

The 50k guaranteed packs are a bit better than the 20k guaranteed packs, because they offer 3x the resources, but are still a hefty 2.5x more expensive than the 20k packs.

As a semi-long term VIP player (3 or so years now) I have only gotten limited copies of the VIP+ dinos, vs the SG VIP dino’s I have in abundance:

Most of my VIP+ dinos are obtained thru the VIP tournaments and raffle prize wheels. But the 10k packs are always the best value.

Also IIRC for Trexmas in 2018 we got Stigi as a Gift, so there’s also that possibility of obtaining one (also unlikely since they normally give out tourney dinos instead of VIP/+ dinos).