Is there

a survey about “JWA players, how old are you” ?

Looking for it …

Ask your alliance. Mine has grandmothers playing this game with their grandkids. People of all ages play this.

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Yes, i like it, I was in PoGo before , the best are the oldest here too .
An alliance is not enough for statistics :slight_smile:
I don’t know how to create it

if someone can create a … poll ? for us

  • 16-20
  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-60
  • 60-70
  • 70-80
  • 80-90
  • Older than 90

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Here you go. Sorry about that, any age younger than 16 wouldn’t be appropriate for the forums.

Great job. Thanx !

Should be set to main topics !

Old guys rock.


I am the one at 50-60 :slight_smile:

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Hail to the geezers baby!! :rofl:

So basically, people who had a childhood with the first Jurassic Park movie :slight_smile:

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I Saw Jurassic Park in the cinema when I was still 9. Went home with stomach pain from all the excitement!
So, 36 here.
My son is 5, he managed to dart 50 once so one day he might join the fun.

It’s seems i am the lonely one who knew real dinos … :grin:


Nah…I’m right there too with bad eyesight, bad hearing and arthritis.

yeepie ! not alone anymore