Is these dino worth creating?

Is it even worth creating giga and nodo? Or should ir just level up my stegodeus?? Stuck in sorna

Not really, just to collect them, but I doubt you’ll ever use them to battle

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Yes it definitely is giga is way better than stegod in 1.5!!!

Lol have you even used giga since it got buffed?

Giga is worth it. One tank I don’t mind still leveling.

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Go with what DNA is more prevalent in your area.
I went with Stegod, have no chance of getting the other 2. I just increase Stegod.


I created all three of them. I really like Stegodeus alot, even without APR. Gigaspikeasaur and Nodopatotitan, I haven’t really used much, I need to level them up to my Stegodeus’s level (18) to see how I like them but at level 16 Nodopatotitan is kinda… mediocre… and Giga is somewhat decent.

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Although the point of catching up in levels is valid, giga is at least on par with stegod right now and in some ways better. Same shield, better armor, can decell more often. Steg has more HP and most people over leveled it but I think Giga will supplant it

Given that stegosaurus is locked in parks, you can go for giga this patch. It has 109 speed, can outspeed the new chompers introduced this patch if your giga is levelled up enough. Although it still loses to them, but having speed advantage means you can do more damage than stegod in an unfavorable match up.

The only downside is giga shares DNA with trago. If you don’t plan to use trago on your team, go for giga.

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