Is this 0 vip reward normal?

Just got 0 vip points after opening the tourney pack

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I got that, too.

Per @Keith , the 0 loyalty point issue should be fixed for those who have not yet opened their tournament packs. For those who have already opened the tournament pack and did not receive loyalty points, loyalty points will have to be mailed out in-game.


Oh come on Ludia, not THIS bug again!

Went to get Sloth :sloth:. Was too slow. Game under maintenance. Argh.

Can I have one of the other deadly sins instead? Greed maybe?

Fingers crossed I get him OK when it comes back online, I’m not convinced.

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Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone! The issue has been brought to our team’s attention.

Our team should be sending out LP to affected players in the next 2 days. Please keep an eye out on your in-game Mailbox. :smiley:


FYI it’s against forum rules to post screenshots of communications with Ludia support, you can paraphrase what they said but can’t paste screenshots. Even when there is no secret information still against the forum rules.


It happened to me twice. Once opening a regular pack and then a agin with opening the mylodon pack.

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