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Is this a bug? Hadros Lux raid

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Bug Description: Hadros Lux’s Resilient Rampage targets the wrong creature…?

Area is was found in: Raids

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Enter the raid
Step 2 - watch
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Sometimes

What type of device are you using: doesn’t seem to matter, since it affects the whole team

Anything else?
The issue is with Round 2 turn 3. Instead of targeting Tuoramoloch, it targets Ardentismaxima. This has happened before where it targeted Irritator instead of Tuoramoloch.

Maxima has Taunt…?

I’m not sure how to explain the RR targeting Irritator (had that happen to me before), but it just seems like Maxima has Taunt active, so Hadros targeted Maxima.

I assumed the problem was with RR because of what happened with Irritator last time, but didn’t the taunt last 2 turns there?
The taunt also lasted an extra turn in round 1.

@Ned? Maxima used IIT, blocked an attack, then attacked back but the Taunt was still active. Is this a bug with IIT, or another quirk of the turn system?

In my experience, the taunt should be gone. :thinking:

Do you know if the taunt “visual” is just active or does it actually still target Maxima the next turn?

Well if maxima was slower than lux than it worked as intended as invincibility last this turn but taunt last 1 turn. Meaning taunt last until maxima does it next move.

If maxima was faster than lux it might be that the maxima user used taunting rampage. If not that than an bug

Maxima uses IIT, thereby tanking a hit from Hadros. Then the next turn Maxima hits it with Resilient Strike, and then Resilient Rampage targets it (Maxima), even though it’s supposed to target fastest (Tuoramoloch, which is Immune to Deceleration). All the while the taunt visual stays.

@Jesse_de_Wijs This answers your question too

In another raid with the same moveset this reportedly did not happen, and the Resilient Rampage targeted Tuoramoloch (I don’t know if the taunt visual was present or not).

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It wasn’t


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Thanks, Qaw! The information has been forwarded to our team.

If this happens again, could I please ask you to email our support team at with the steps to reproduce it? If you could include another video in the email as well, it’d really help us out!

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Looks like the bug was added with the update, because it happened again. I’m going to be sending that email.