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Is this a bug or a glitch?

See this pic here. I was battling a pvp here and I and the bot were down to our last creature.But suddenly as my second creature was defeated , without the falling animation of the second creature, the third one came in and the most funny thing is that the third creature has 0 Hp. It’s name is also changed to the second one.Most importantly the creature can do no damage not can it be defeated by doing any damage.No matter whatever the ai does , my snythosaras remains uneffected. This creates an endless loop and finally I had to give up.:sob:

I’ve had that happen to me a few times. It’s very rare, but it does happen sometimes.

I’ve only seen it in Aquatic battles, but it is a gift. Build up your reserve and let the AI exhaust itself. Than swap your last creature in to resume battle.


At least you got a daily mission done :)

In the glitch he’s talking about, no damage is done I believe. It just loops over and over with an already defeated creature. I believe I had to close the game and give it up as well.

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The glitch Andy is talking about, happened to me a lot in aquatic battles too.

I can confirm that you can keep “pretending”
to fight all day with the AI and it seems like you are stuck in an infinite loop.

You just have to click the “switch” icon for it to go back to normal. That’s why Andy said it was a
gift, since you could just build up your reserves and then swap in for the kill/win. You will have 7 actions when you swap in.

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Ah, ok, I’ll remember that for next time. I think I was on my last guy though. Doesn’t matter?

Shouldn’t matter


Yeah weird, I’ve never seen it in a ceno/land battle either, only aquatics. As I recall, it only happens when the AI kills the second creature with a hit of 7 or 8 points (so likely related to the longer animation that occurs).

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It also occured in my dominator match in the i rex tournament

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I swear on the Creatures of the Swamp battle today I chose block for my first move and even though I had higher health than a one hit attack from the AI, it took me out doing 2 attacks (it didn’t show I blocked). I didn’t see any life taken away from it and I didn’t get an extra move, so I’m pretty sure I hit block. Maybe I did accidentally hit attack and just didn’t realize it, but I’m 90% sure I hit block and that I had enough life. Anyway, luckily it didn’t affect the outcome of the match, but very concerning. That would have hurt if it was a tournament match.

I’ve rarely seen glitches in battle.