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Is This a Dead Game?

Yeah, ok, some introduction. I’ve been playing this game since it was launched, in 2019. Back then, there was no paladin, no fisherman and so on. Party had 8 heroes, tops, and every time you’d get renown up onescale, you’d get something, until you reached 20 lvl. Game was bugged, crashed a lot, had pvp balancing issues and so on… I felt much more like a crash-test pilot than an actual player, so I did not spent cash on the game. I thought Ï’ll wait for them to flesh it out, make it a real, stable product before I throw in some cash".
And then, a year went by, and the problems are still the same.
It is a 700Mb game that still needs an internet connection to let you play versus bots. My heroes are somewhere between 19 (bard) and 14 (drow) levels, no renown gained in the last 6 months or so, since I’ve reached 20 renown - no ‘epic’ renown available, so to speak. So I play battle mode, and then the 18 lvl bot deals triple damage than my 19lvl straight up bard. All items maxed out, but still… bot deals it anyway she likes. That is a fixed system if I ever saw one: every round my oponent has cleric and bard, while I sit with 3 melee and the drow - who dies at the first contact with anything thrown at her direction.
I own a guild, Baldur’s Gate, people there pay for them VIP’s, and their stories are the same: stacked game, game is a fix, battle system is a fix, treasure chests system too much of a fix, no way to complete daily missions in a normal pace… and it is a 700Mb game, with a regular amount of updates and all. But is the developer really there?
So, please, let me now: do you guys even care anymore? Are you still trying to fix the bugs and de-fix the game (in the sense of making it more of a game experience, and less of a another-bot-win-for-the-machine kind of play)? Could you please adress those issues? Could you please let my paladin deal more damage than a bot-played paladin that’s 5 lvls lower than her? Would you please give me treasure chests compatible with game renonw? Because it is fairly frustrating when you need 2,500 common staves and the game gives you… 11.
There are so many issues, I do not even believe that you are there anymore. But, in case you are, here is my pledge: fix the game, and you’ll certainly see my money into it, even if it is just to award a work well done.


Tawarin, from Baldur’s Gate guild.


Heh, so the banner says this is your first time to the community and to welcome you. So, Welcome to the Community!

Imo, forums are the one place and always have been to have true discussions, such as yours. I don’t have the game experience to respond to yours though, except to say as a newer player I am enjoying the game.

Yeah, ok, new player, I remember those days. Running eagerly to get to the 10th lvl… just so you know: game goes downhill after that. Really a major drag and crawl.


I agree there are significant problems. The game was extremely enjoyable in beta. Unfortunately, shortly after the developer began implementing many failed updates which have crippled the game and unnecessarily but effectively hampered progression. I have suggested for months they revert many of these changes, including:

    Event Rigging - Good apps can be profitable without such frustrating nonsense. This has damaged the player retention and deters hero development - particularly for newer and intermediate players.
    Unnecessary Delays - When PvP was first implemented the maximum allowable time for matchmaking was 10 seconds. It takes nearly a minute now, and at higher levels it hardly ever finds a human opponent. Players used to complete battles quicker than the app can now match players. This delay is completely unacceptable and has deterred player activity.
    Failed PvP Structure and Related Server Connectivity Issues - Unfortunately Ludia did not beta test their PvP system. had they done so they would have known it could not work. Additionally, Server Connectivity Issues arose shortly after Ludia implemented PvP. A review of other forums for other Ludia battle apps indicates these issue are consistent across board. I have suggested many times Ludia should rethink their failed PvP system and implement a more common and favored PvP system similar to that used by other developers. There are many threads outlining why Ludia’s PvP system cannot work. Unfortunately they have been reluctant to change.

Abandoning this unworkable PvP system and implementing a proper one would likely resolve issues with unnecessary delays, poor matchmaking and server connectivity. It would also make event rigging unnecessary, and would increase player satisfaction and retention.

    Challenge Event Limits - In the early days of the app, the Challenge Events had no limits and could be played continually as long as the user could pay the resource fee. An earlier update implemented limits to these events. for instance, I believe the current 2x Gear Challenge Event limits players to 8 attempts, with others being as low as 4. This change has made it extremely difficult for newer and intermediate players to match the equipment levels of experienced players who found it easier to equip heroes, Punishing new players like this is unnecessary and undesirable.
    Spellbook Limits - The inanely low limits recently applied to the spellbooks also makes it difficult for newer players to adequately equip their heroes. These despised limits only frustrate players and should have been removed immediately.

    Response Time - Sometime late last year support for WoW dwindled. Response times were extended from 48 hours to more than a week. :scream:
    Unrelated Response - Often the responses provided by support are unrelated to the issue identified in the ticket. :crazy_face:
    Differential Responses - In certain cases responses seemed to be tied to how much the user spends. A previous issue with duplicate and repetitive Legendary Rewards serves as a good example. Players who did not spend much were unsurprisingly told there is no issue - everything is working as intended. Meanwhile, a few players who spent a little more were instead rewarded with additional legendary packs. This mistreatment of players is astonishing and completely unacceptable. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: It would have cost Ludia nothing to reward all players equally.

There are likely many other similar issues I cannot recall while hastily composing this post. However, these changes have unnecessarily made it difficult for newer players to improve, have dissatisfied many users and have partially caused the depletion of a once active and committed player base.

A review of recently posted data confirms the player base is continuing to dwindle. For instance, Samsung is reporting there are now less than 3000 active Samsung users and their average time of use has decreased to 45 minutes. This does not look promising, and ass such, I speculate the odds of WoW surviving continue to decrease. :sob:

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Ditto, ditto and more ditto.:clown_face:

AND I still think DOMINATE is awesome!!

OH, and of course they DONT care.

These ridiculous, nonsensical, brainless, matchups are an obvious proof of this.

I suspect they’re laying on a island partying on our dime.

Perhaps we are the ridiculous, nonsensical, brainless ones for continuing to support their extended vacation🤡


@Khmer. Lol. Yes, dominate is a lot of fun. I’m having good fun with Pixel. I use him as a tank in pvp. No doubt as I get further along more players will be wise to this strategy. There is a lot of fun to be had in this game.

I’ve yet to play a game that didn’t, doesn’t, have the same gripes I see in here. It’s always the same. Bugs, support, progression, and $ are big ones off the top of my head. Oh, and dwindling player base. That is always a big one. “Everybody is leaving” is a phrase I have heard so often in the 20 some odd years I have been gaming online that I wonder if anybody stays with a game for long. Actually, I’ve always wondered just what is the actual average or mean time a player will stay with a game. Somebody in the industry has that answer.

The fact is, everybody gets tired of a game sooner or later, often when there’s a newer glitzier game that just came out. Most people can’t just say “So long, and thank you for all the fish”. They feel compelled to have a “reason”. I’m guessing so they can leave people they have played with for awhile and not feel bad about it, but idk. After all, it’s the games fault right? Rarely is it that I just want to do something else, catch you later.

I’m not a engineer, game designer, or producer, so I don’t know why all games are this way. I do know all these games are a bargain for the hours of entertainment they provide. Before ftp, subscriptions for games used to cost about $9.99, or $14.99 a month, something like that. That’s not much different than a person can pay today and still get a decent return. What, do we really expect to play for free? I can’t complain much about something when I can entertain myself for hundreds of hours if I choose for the cost of a dvd.


I know you were trying to support this app @Baladir, however, I believe the larger picture may help complete the story.

You seem quite satisfied with the quality provided. Unfortunately, you were not here before the developer got greedy and destroyed a great app. You noted:

I can easily name an app that recently had a rapidly growing player base, few bugs, adequate support and minimal cost. The app I am referencing is an earlier iteration of Warriors of Waterdeep, one that existed before folly, laze and greed ruined the app. Knowing you are relatively new, I understand you are not aware this app used to be much better.

You also mentioned:

I agree, but most apps survive by enticing new players to replace those who depart. However, this developer instead attempted to survive by saving money (ie. inadequate server capacity) and implementing additional fees (Quest Pass Toll & $$$ for new heroes). Also, instead of advertising to recruit players, they have begun to bombard active players with obnoxious pop-up ads. Thus, instead of replacing players, they have chased more away.

The question being asked in the thread title is “Is the game dead?” Using data from Samsung on Samsung users it is easy to see the precipitous decline.

  • 32 Weeks ago the app had 9310 active Samsung users, with an average daily activity of 1:35:00
  • 8 Weeks ago Samsung users declined from 9310 to 4930 active users.
  • Last week the same users declined to 2960 active users, which is a 16 week decline of 68%. The average daily activity dropped by more than 50% over the 16 week period from 1 hr and 35 mins to 45 mins.

While I am also not a software engineer, game designer or producer, I know all games are not run like this fiasco. With the ongoing decline in users and activity it is easy to conclude the app will likely not remain economically feasible much longer. Swift and significant corrections are likely required to save the app.

Additionally, Ludia is currently making preparations for a “yet unnamed project” and Wizards of the Coast has been acquiring its own development companies, with bigger and likely more profitable projects on the horizon. As such. I suspect it is likely neither is adequately concerned with the future success of this bloated patch-work app.

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I have not played this game from the beginning, but have been around long enough to see some changes. Started before jarlaxle was added. When I started there were gripes and issues for sure, but at least game seemed to run pretty well. When I saw things start to go downhill was the guild events update. The sad thing about this is I think people were excited by potential of the update, but implementation left much to be desired.
The worst part is this is when server issues were introduced, but the events themselves were disappointing. People had been asking for an ongoing event, which they gave in this update. However they turned out to be pretty disappointing. It made guilds more relevant, but it also means more grinding. For me it is always a relief when rally is done.

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I agree. I been playing for about 15 months. Used to be fun. Now I never get legendary items, can’t progress. Its insurmountable to get original team well equipped, now the pay Wall and new characters seem unattainable. Seems like developers were directed to sloooooow players progression down massively. Im not planning on playing this for 10 years to get higher level items. Instead Ludia is driving me away with the game.

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Sure, why not? The game has a lot of positives. As I play the game I see that some issues raised in this forum have been addressed. I don’t do Facebook so I have no idea about that. They are certainly listening. A solid company is behind the game. I have a good feeling about the future.

@Baladir, I am glad you still have a positive outlook. I still enjoy the app but cannot sing its praises. However, I disagree with many of your points.

:laughing: :laughing: I suppose we must have a different definition of the word ‘many’.

I’m not sure about Facebook either, but I assume any comments there would match the ones here.

I believe reading 99% of the threads posted in the forum may provide an answer. To briefly summarize a few key points:

  • Server Issues - They have significant server issues. I cannot recall connectivity issues of this magnitude since the days of dial-up internet.

  • Failed New Features - They failed in an attempt to alter the game mid-stream. It appears they have implemented poor modules from their other apps (ie, PvP). Based on forum comments, these modules did not work in the apps they were designed for, so it is no surprise so many features failed here.

  • Lack of Support- Support is essentially absent. They take 8 days to respond (when they choose too) and responses tend to lack integrity. I do not blame support staff, this is likely do cost savings and direction from above.

  • Bugs - New Bugs, Old Bugs, Recurring Bugs and Uncorrected Bugs - So many bugs perhaps the next hero added should be called Bugs. Ill even suggest a hero type:

  • Decreasing Rewards - They continue to cap events and features and remove other favorable reward base systems such as the Quest Packs. It seems highly unlikely that either beginners or moderate players will ever be able to ascend to the top leagues, even with many top players scaling back activity.

  • Increasing Costs - I personally have not seen another exclusively mobile app that requires two separate monthly subscriptions. Perhaps this is common but I have never seen it.

  • Event Rigging - Rigging Events to extract additional funds from unaware users is not indicative of app survival.

  • Ignoring Players - For some reason they have completely ignored the declining player base.

  • Endless Pop-ups - Constantly harassing customers is intolerable.

I am sure there are many more but listing more will soon interfere with my progress at work.

I agree the president of Ludia has an excellent history and his resume speaks volumes, However, all of the comments listed above, and the multitude shared in other threads has lowered my expectations about the future.

However, I suggest things may be saved, however I believe it will likely require a combination of structural retooling, gaming engine modernization, discontinuing with the reuse of outmoded features, and gaining an understanding of user desires. (ie, the gaming expectations for a D&D app users may differ from those of Dinosaur games) I wish them the best for future endeavors, but it seems increasingly unlikely this app will survive.

If the PVP issue were just random mismatches “happens to everybody”, then why is it that I’m regularly outmatched with poor weaponry and never, ever the recipient of a +9 level mismatch? :man_shrugging:



I always appreciate your thoughtful and fact based responses. In my opinion, the biggest downfall is the PVP match-ups. I know there has been some tinkering, and your argument that weapons matter more than levels, but I kid you not … this happened today:

Him Level 14, 14, 14, and 10

Me: Level 11, 11, 11, and 10.

He was active and not taking a dive. Chaunteas Citadel level. I have a screen shot on the phone.

I don’t care what weapons I have, that’s just plain dumb (to the moderator who keeps censoring these but not responding to the issue, is this an acceptable word synonymous with that other term for a person of limited intellectual capacity?). I had ZERO chance to even compete. I’m disinterested in ever spending money and will likely uninstall the app later today. I’ve complained about it for months and the “support” just deletes and closes every ticket. No response whatsoever any more. I think they’ve just flat out quit. Or their “agents” are too busy cheating the few remaining authentic players left to respond or do anything.

I’m done. It’s a shame as the game has potential. The devs and support simply have no modicum of how to develop a player base. There are far too many better games to waste another minute here.


I think the dexterity is a bit low tbh. Having seen those dart and dodge across fields of sage brush, they are really very quick and agile. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog was in addition quite vicious, but I’ve never seen documented another quite like it. Thank you for bringing this subject to my attention. I had forgotten just how dangerous they can be.

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Our guild has lost 3 members past month, they left and said they are done with the game.

And there has not been a player asking to join’ in 6 months.

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Ouch @DoubleOh71. I guess 3rd times the charm in getting your post through the mods :grinning:

Is it just me or does @Baladir sound like a plant?

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Are they are a a spruce, a fern or a cactus? :joy:

Lol. When I played Lord of the Rings online, I had to come up with a name for my Elf. They had a tutorial on tips for elven names, so some of the name draws from that. I never thought of it like that, but seems the name works, yeah?

My daughter and I were playing Divinity Original Sin the other day (she lives far away) and there is a npc in there with my name! They either stole it or that is a heck of a coincidence. Seems I saw it somewhere else too. I know it was original when I came up with it, but no matter.

Couldn’t agree with you more! The unequal and outright laughable pvp mode (either event or battle) just leaves me more frustrated in the unfairness of damage done and character levels I face more and more!