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Is this a game or a job?

As someone who has played this game since the day it was launched (and read various forums about it for almost as long), I have some concerns. You see, I care about my fellow players and their enjoyment of what is supposed to be a fun way to spend your spare time.

When I was a kid and a young adult, all games were fun. There was no “grinding”, no forced fights, stress, anxiety, depression, bugs, glitches, connection or device problems, or pressure to constantly perform. You got together with friends to play ball, pool, cards, or whatever. It was always fun and there was no drama.

Fast forward to today. Now we have all these “grinding” games and all the bugs, glitches, and pressure to perform that goes along with them. I see posts in here where people say they kick someone out of an alliance if they have zero trophies for 24 hours, yet I’ve seen many more posts from people who say they can’t stand what has become a toxic, cancerous, rage-inducing, pay-to-win arena.

These same players contribute to their alliance in many other ways (darting, friendly battles, building up high-level shared sanctuaries, etc.), yet if they don’t subject themselves to something that isn’t good for their sanity they’re kicked out an alliance. How is this considered “recreation” or “fun”?

Now to make it perfectly clear, I’m not talking about my situation. I still battle. I’m talking about the ones who just want to have FUN, not feel like they’re having to complete a chore they dread doing. I want people to enjoy playing this game, but instead I’ve been seeing more and more people leaving because they’re simply not enjoying themselves.

Games should ALWAYS be fun. They shouldn’t feel like a second job or a chore.


Is this a game or a job? If you are asking Ludia then it’s a game, cause i’ve never seen a job so poorly managed as this.


While I see what you are saying there are alliances for all sorts of players - casual and serious; most alliances are quite clear in what they expect. Tools for leaders would be nice though so other forms of activity can be monitored.


This is a game, not a job. Not even content creating you tubers can make any money playing this game. If you aren’t having fun, then why do you play? Maybe stop trying to compete for highest trophy count and create a team you just enjoy using. This should be much easier for us long term players to do, since we have a ton of dna saved up over the past year+.
If all else fails, learn to steal identities and credit card info, then you can comfortably boost your team to the top!! (Just kidding, don’t do that)




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Let everyone play however they want, as long as it doesn’t overtly negatively affect others.

Difficulty I have is that darting was the grind, and arena was the fun. Now that has gone, so the whole thing feels more a chore.

You are totally right, OP, this should be a LOT more fun than it is.

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Just to confirm, you did read the part where I said I wasn’t talking about myself? I’m talking about other players who aren’t enjoying themselves.

Of course. I just assume most people lose interest when they hit the wall of what their team can accomplish.


Anyone should be happy being kicked out of an alliance like that, who needs strictness in a game like this? The benefits from being in a hardcore alliance aren’t many, but the benefits from being in a casual one with little rules are awesome.
No, this is a game. If you want it to be a job that actually costs you money, then sure, enjoy.


I also agree a game should be fun; but I also take my games quite seriously :smile:

To me, it is still a game and it is still fun and not a chore (although I may change my mind by the time I have tracked down 30 Echo under the sparse green supply drops); I know I will get a real buzz when Diora hits L30 soon, I complete my Dinodex (again) and I beat a member of my alliance (rare event!).

I would like to think I would stop playing if it became a chore.

Sadly though there are a lot of people for who the game is no longer fun for - some of the reasons I understand, some I don’t - but only they can judge what is fun for them.

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Actually I enjoy it so much still I am now using an alt account on an old phone bluetooth tethered to my main phone - progress is so different now to how it was “back in the day”. MiniPQC is L14 and in Lockwood Estate already - team is L16-L20 and I have decided to ignore uniques completely!

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My L30 Magna and I respectfully disagree :wink:

“deepwrinkle2” was created last spring just for fun. Now it’s level 20 with level 23-26 dinos in high Aviary. It hit Library once last season but was promptly booted back out! :laughing:

That’s only because everyone else already had it at 30 :slight_smile:


Sweet! Can you post DP2’s team?

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Let me correct you…

Is this a game or a joke…

The worst joke ever… Ludia freely laughing at players.


Here you go! :slight_smile:


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Pretty good for a second account! Here’s MiniPQC

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That looks like a fun team! Every time I try to tell myself to drop deepwrinkle2 and just stick with deepwrinkle, that idea promptly gets thrown out the window because I’m too attached to that team. I’ve put too much time into it to just abandon it. Besides, I’m a big help to Sand Dunes Jr. :wink:

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So true… hence