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Is this a good offer?


Hey guys,

I finally reached Lockwood after so many battles now and got this offer. I don‘t have enough dollars, but I could buy enough for 22€.

Do you think this premium incubator would be worth it? The other one time offers over 55€ were too expensive for me, but now I really am thinking of buying that.


I would buy 2,6k dollars, so in the end, I‘d have less than 50 dollars left. I‘m not sure right now.

Save what I have or buy some more and pay it all for premium incubator?


Most likely you can’t, cause if you leave this screen offer will be gone.


Oh and I‘d get enough coins to lvl my Allosino up to lvl 20.


Nope I did leave sometimes but it only reloads and is still there.
Had this with many offers, so I also had time to get enough money on my iTunes account.

If I‘d close that window, the offer would be gone yes.


I think you are better off just buying coins.

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What about the DNA? Can I get epic DNA of more than two dinosaurs? Or only two and if I‘m not lucky it‘ll be crappy DNa like Koola and Concavenator?


It could be all one kind of epic, or split between multiple epics. It’s a roll of the dice though if they will be any good.

That just doesn’t look like a very good deal.

If it were me, I wouldn’t get it. I only use cash for coins. But everyone has their own way of playing.


Really? Oh I thought it would look good. But now that you‘re saying it…:confused:


Oh wait the coins aren‘t extra but cointained in the incubator? So only the incubator is there to buy? Nothing extra?

I first thought the coins extra plus the coins in the incubator.


Yeah its just the incubator nothkng extra the coins listed are whats in the incubator


Ok I think I won‘t do it…if I‘d only buy the cash and use it for coins I think it‘d be way better.
And I am afraid of getting crap DNA from it.


Yeah ok I refused it. Too risky for me.

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OH come on. U can get THIRTEEN legendary DNA. That’s 6.5% of the DNA u need. What could be more worth it? Wahahahahahaha.

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got another one. On one hand, I really could use the hard cash. But 30€…


But what would you say, go for it?


If you’re going to spend real money, the level up offers are the best deals to get. Forget the arena offers.


I still find it expensive tho. The normal offers are already so highly overpriced, but this ‚special offer‘ is still not expensive. That‘s why I can‘t decide. :confused:


Ok I refused.


Refuse it cause “life will find a way” Ian Malcom :sunglasses: