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Is this a good starting setup for coin production?

[I have communication stations there for missions.]
I am just asking if placing the decorations like this, is good for coin production.

Also I am new to the forums so I might not know how things work.

Your dinos would produce way more coins. Use the decorations around them instead

I know, I have the communication stations there for a mission but I have a group of dinos surrounded by decoration somewhere else.

Welcome to the forums!

It’s a good start. As you level, you can replace those with better decorations (higher %).

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Thanks! Hopefully I can replace them with John Hammonds soon.

Get rid of the roads. They are just window dressing in this game, and take up space you could use to pad with more decorations to boost the coin production.


@Mary_Jo I will take note but if I take out the roads and try to replace them with decorations, there would be little to no difference since I don’t think I can fit another ring of decorations.

If you can get a higher coin production with that amount of space, can you please explain how I can put it so I can get the benefit?

Obviously it’s going to matter more the more paddocks and buildings you have, and it may apply more to Hammond statues which have a further reach, but certainly if you took them out you could put an additional row of statues in between the two buildings, and on the right side, they could be shifted over one spot to add another in there too. I can’t really see enough of your park to know much more than that but generally the only reason to use roads is if you don’t mind losing some coin production for sake of appearances.

Try to get an arrangement that benefits many dinos,this arrangement you are using right now will only benefit a few dinos,you can share the boosts with many dinos. My top coin production dinos share their boosts,which vary from 120% to 215%,my highest is a Alangasaurus 40 which produces 75000 coins every 30 minutes,focus on higher coin production dinos. It is only a mix of Triceratops Sculptures and John Hammonds,do not worry,I am also only playing from may.

How could you boost an alangasaur paddeck to 75 thousand???
I was only able to boost it to 35 thousand @DaWise_Weirdo


You are wasting too much space,both of us are only using 1 Alangasaurus level 40.

The roads make it look nicer,but it is not worth it. I learnt that the hard way. Better use more decorations. Also use them in a wise pattern to obtain maximal boosts.

Can u show me how u arranged them to get maximum boost?? If u don’t mind @anon43877113
It would help me a lot


Instead of clock towers substitute what ever decoration you have available.


I cannot show the maximum,because I myself have not gotten there yet,but I know the maximum with what i have currently for now,when i unlock Park Oasis,I will change it up a bit,also that I have yet more dinos boost,these are only my top dinos

I do not have the best arrangement myself,this is my progress so far.

I will slowly increase it,also that I have to boost my other dinos which do not produce as much coin,these are only my higher ones.

OK so now I have got it that roads are a waste of area… And yeah your trick really worked now I’m getting fossil trades for coins but not bucks… I sell them for 1.6 m coins and get the xp. it really is working for me @DaWise_Weirdo


Why r u so low on resources dude??

Well,I just spent it in a jiffy,i spend them in a jiffy and regain them in a jiffy,I have less food because I just traded 9 million of it for 35 million coins,which I spent on Apatosaurus fossils and John Hammond Statues,I spent the DB in the hatchery,but I have about 1600 now,I am almost always low on LP,because I get some really amazing trades for them. DNA,I just purchased 2 T Rexes yesterday,hope that satisfies you.

The DB will appear,but you have to make sure to clear your market,I see you have 47 items in your market,if they are creatures,clear them,buildings and decorations as well,maybe excluding apatosaurus fossils. Yes,you get much more frequent Coin trades and DNA trades in comparison to DB Trades for Apatosaurus fossils,but they will eventually appear,make sure to use the daily refresh everyday. Each time you do not use them,you lose more.