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Is this a good team?

I have been playing for about 6 months. I absolutely love this game but I just want to know if this is a good team. Can anyone help me out?

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Looks good to me
I would just perhaps consider using keratoporkus If you want a good indo gen2 counter, though not really necessary, that’s a very solid team for the level you’re at

Looks like a pretty solid team to me

No offense My under level team can defeat this team

Great team, just need a lot of coin to lvl up some creature

What is your team?

Watch it’ll be a 3/6/5 proceRAT

I just got into aviary and I am losing a lot but winning some. Is there anything I should go for. I’m not getting rid of Indom but I am also upgrading erlikogamma and they’ll but hesitant to upgrade Indo g2 with 130 speed until next update. I’m also working on getting everything to a higher level.

I’d drop spino for Indo2 and velo for a tank, either ardonto or porcus as both have good damage output as well

I like to have one bleeder as a counter for indo g2 so I’m working on thylo. I think so far only indom, indomg g2 tryo, and procera are keepers for now but I’m bringing both indoms and indo g2 (depends) to the endgame.

Well if you want bleeders, I’d say spinoconstrictor or daryx

Also Ardontosaurus

I would say vexus, spyx, or porkus over stigydarex. Stigydarex is probably the worst unique in the game and should be avoided. Also @PersonWhoGGs, I would swap allosino and stegodeus as allosino is pretty tanky and has more damage output. I would also say that allosino is probably more worth your time than thor for when you enter higher arenas

Wait, actually, how is that possible. I’ve seen their moves and stats.