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Is this a good thing or not?

re installed the game 3 days back and I have my best stuff really low,but i reached level 25 today,which means that the events that rewarded me Rares are now going to give silver reward packs instead of bronze reward,but all this comes at a price,the price of weaker teams,I have my best stuff as:-

Ophiacodon 20
Nundasuchus 20
2 Triceratops Level 40
Majunga 40
Stegosaurus 40
Dilopho 20

I know your opponents are ranked off ferocity of your top 3 creatures,however,a silver rewards pack is way better than a bronze rewards,so I do not trust that the AI will still remain same. Maybe the best additions I can make are get Diplodocus to 20 and get my Tapejara to 20 for now , hopefully there is going to be a monolopho unlock event soon(which I doubt will even happen anytime soon)

Monolophosaurus had a unlock opportunity for mid-level players this past Monday, so it could be awhile before it cycles back. Or it could happen tomorrow. You never know.

Don’t level the new dino up past where your top guys are until you are ready.

Calculate it roughly by attack 3x plus health 1x.